301D Room Instructions

301D Overview

  • 4K TV screen on moveable stand
  • Windows desktop computer:
    • Includes 'standard' math software
    • ViewMe
    • Skype
    • Webcam & speaker-Mic
    • Presenter
  • AppleTV for screen sharing from Apple devices
  • Airtame for screen sharing from Windows and standard devices
  • HDMI cable to directly connect laptops and other devices


Quick guide for using the TV

  • Note that the TV remote is a motion-sensitive
    pointing device. Use the remote to point
    to and select options on the TV screen

  • Turn on the TV using the remote

  • Press the "Input Select" button on the
    remote and select the desired input using
    the on-screen cursor

  • Press on the scroll wheel to select
    on-screen options.
    The cursor will ‘hide’ when the
    remote is set down on a flat surface

Using the PC connected to the TV

  • Select the “PC”input
  • Use the wireless keyboard and mouse on the shelf to control the PC
  • The screen may go to sleep. Press a button on the keyboard to wake the computer if there is ‘No Input’ from the PC
  • Log in to the “301D Room Login” account.
    Note: The contents of this account are reset at every login. Items saved to the computer will not be retained
  • The USB port at the left-side foot of the TV can be used to connect a flash drive or other USB device to the PC.
  • The presenter in the room is connected to the PC. Use this for slides
  • Skype:
    • Skype requires personal logins. Log in with your skype account to place calls or receive calls from people in your Skype address book
    • The webcam at the foot of the TV will be the video source and the square-shaped speaker-microphone will be the sound input and output.
    • Place the speaker-mic on the conference table for best quality.
  • Viewme:
    • Connect to the room “LSU-Math-301d”
    • Video and audio sources are the same as for Skype above

Using the Apple TV

  • Select the “Apple TV”input
  • On your Apple device, enable Wi-Fi and connect to the eduroam network
  • Enable Bluetooth on your device
  • Start an airplay session and select the AppleTV named
      “LSU Math Lockett 301D”
  • A 4-digit pin code will appear on the TV screen. Enter this on your device to begin the Airplay session

Using your own Laptop or HDMI-connected device

  • Select the “Laptop”input
  • Connect the hanging HDMI cable on the right side of the TV to your device
  • Audio and video will work over the HDMI cable, if the device is set appropriately to send audio over the HDMI connection

Using the Airtame

  • Select the “Airtame” input
  • The Airtame app must be installed on your device. Install it from your device app store or go to the following link and download the program:

  • Open the Airtame app and
    enter the IP number specified
    on the TV

  • Click the blue “Start"
    button to begin streaming

  • To stream sound, enable sound streaming by clicking on the small blue speaker icon
    at the top-right of your screen

  • To end the streaming, simply quit the Airtame program