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Testing Procedures

The proctored, password protected tests and the Final Exam using MyMathLab must be scheduled online and taken in the Center for Assessment and Evaluation (CAE) Testing Center in Himes Hall or in the Office of Disability Services (ODS) in Johnston Hall for students who have provided the teacher with an accommodation letter prior to testing allowing this testing location*.

Each test and the Final Exam have a specific window in which they can be taken, and you may select the day and time within that window to take tests and the Final Exam as long as a seat is available.  Check your Daily Schedule for the exact dates of your testing window.  You must schedule your test or the Final Exam prior to the opening of the testing window to be guaranteed a seat in the CAE Testing Center.

Students testing in the CAE testing center must schedule (reserve) a time for each test in advance using the CAE scheduler found at   Enter your myLSU login name as your username.  The first time you use this site, enter your LSU ID number (89xxxxxxx) as your password. You will be requested to change your password. Do that. If you have used this site before, use the password you have previously chosen.  Select your course and correct section.  Choose the date and time you want to schedule from the list of times that are available.  Check your syllabus for the length of time allowed for each test and the Final Exam, and be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete the exam.  If you have an accommodation for extended time, do not select the last two or three times of the day offered.  You will not be allowed to test unless all of your allowed time is available before closing. Click Submit. Be sure to record the day and time you have reserved.

When you schedule a test or the Final Exam at CAE correctly, you will receive a confirmation email from CAE.  Do not delete it.  This email will serve as your receipt in case there is a problem when you arrive to begin your test or the Final Exam.  Check the date and time to be sure you have recorded them properly.

If you wish to reschedule a test, do not delete your original appointment unless the testing window has not yet opened and you see many available seats.  If you delete your original appointment, you may be giving up the only available seat.  Instead, simply choose a new day or time for the test and your original appointment will automatically be deleted. 

Be sure to take an approved calculator and pencils with you to take your tests and the Final Exam. You will be given scratch paper after signing in at the CAE Testing Center.  Math 1022 and Math 1023 students will also be given a copy of the approved formula sheet for Test 3 (Math 1022), Tests 5 and 6 (Math 1023), and the Final Exam (both courses). All scratch paper and the formula sheet will be collected from you after the exam.  No outside assistance and no access to learning aids or the etext within MyMathLab is allowed during any test or the Final Exam.

The lab rules for the CAE Testing Center in Himes Hall are attached below.  They are also available by clicking Lab Rules when you are logged in to schedule a test.  Be certain you are familiar with and obey these rules.  

Any suspected incident of academic dishonesty will be forwarded to Dean of Students Office for investigation and prosecution.

See your Syllabus for more information on preparing for and taking tests and the Final Exam.


*Students testing in the ODS testing facility must adhere to all rules of the ODS testing facility, especially those regarding the time frame for scheduling tests.  When selecting a time for your test, be certain that you will have enough time to complete the test before the closing time for ODS.

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