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CAE Testing Center Procedures

All tests given this semester will be administered in the CAE Testing Center located in Himes Hall. Tests can be scheduled any time (after the last day to add courses for the semester) during the hours of operation of the CAE Testing Center for the period allowed for each section of your course. Check your day-specific Focus Group Schedule for the test dates. In order to take a test in the CAE Testing Center, you must schedule (reserve) a time for your test. Here is the procedure to schedule your test:

  1. Go to the web site for The Center for Assessment and Evaluation, which is www.cae.lsu.edu.
  2. Click on Assessment and Evaluation, then Computer-based Test Scheduling.
  3. The first time you use this site, enter your PAWS login name and your LSU ID number. You will be requested to change your password. Do that. If you have used this site before, use your PAWS login name and the password you previously chose.
  4. Select your course and correct section.
  5. Choose the date and time you want to schedule from the list of times that are available. Write this information down in your notebook or planner. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete the exam during the scheduled hours of operation of the testing facility.
  6. Click to submit.

Taking a test in a proctored testing facility may be new to you, so take time to become familiar with the rules specific to this type of testing. DO:

  1. Bring your LSU picture ID with you to take a test.
  2. Know your nine-digit LSU Student ID number (not the number that appears on your LSU Student ID card) and also the password that you used to schedule the exam.
  3. Be on time to take your test. If you are late, you will have to reschedule the test for another time within the period allowed for your section, if a seat is available. If not, you will get a zero on the test and will not be allowed to take a makeup.
  4. Bring your authorization letter with you each time you report to take a test if you are allowed special accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.
  5. Scientific calculators are allowed.


  1. Do not bring personal items to the computer table in the testing facility. Cell phones, other electronic devices, purses, book bags, graphing calculators, books, notes, and other personal belongings are not allowed at the computer tables during testing. If any of these items are brought to the testing facility, they must be left in the non-secure area at the front of the facility. Paper will be provided for you.
  2. Do not bring food and drinks into the testing facility.
  3. Do not engage in disruptive behavior. This will not be tolerated. If you engage in any disruptive behavior, you will be directed to end your testing session and leave the facility. In this situation, you will not be allowed to return without permission from your instructor.
  4. Do not talk to any other students while taking a test.
  5. Do not open another window on your computer screen while taking a test.
  6. Do not click on any left menu buttons while taking your test. If you do, your test will be submitted as it is and you will not be allowed to proceed.
  7. Do not violate any rules of the LSU Code of Student Conduct. Note that Section 5.1 of that code specifically states having a cell phone or pager at the computer table is considered an act of cheating and will be reported.