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Math 7520:      Algebraic Topology Information Sheet

Time/Place:     8:30-9:30am TTh --- 135 Lockett Hall.

Instructor:     Neal Stoltzfus


Office:         Lockett 258:   578.1656

Office Hours:   MW 9:30am or by appointment

Web Page:       The initial web page for this course is 


                This site will contain this document on course information, 
                 and links to additional web resources.

Prerequisite:   Point-set topology and modules over rings.

Textbook:       We will begin with graphs on oriented surfaces using notes of of Alexander Zvonkin 
(handout). For the main part of the course, I will be using the book  Elements of Algebraic Topology 
by James R. Munkres  (available online from you favorite bookseller) and the book Algebraic Topology} 
by Allen Hatcher as my primary references. The book by Hatcher is available on his 
Allen Hatcher website
and in book form from Cambridge Press.  I also encourage you to make use of library's extensive collection
of texts on algebraic topology.

Last update: 19 January, 2006