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Topics: September

Note: You can read and modify the LectureNotes Mathematica notebooks using Mathematica in the open access labs (No longer available on VLab). You can read (but not modify) the notes using the Mathematica notebook reader program available on the Wolfram Research website.

Mathematica Notebooks: Applications & Further Transforms

Notes: OriginalNotebook: Class
Tu. 18 Nov.
Applications: Orthog. Proj.
Nov. 18th
Th. 20 Nov.
Chap. 4.3.4
PDF Format Math'a Notes
Tu. 25 Nov.
Chap. 2: 2D Haar
1D Haar Math'a
2D Haar Graphics/Linear Alg. Rev.
Tu. 2 Dec.
2D Haar
TwoD Haar Cygan 2D Exercises
Th. 4 Dec.
Wed., 10 Dec.
Final Exam: 12:30- 2:30 pm
Final Answers

Mathematica Notebooks from Lectures

Notes: OriginalNotebook: Class
26 Aug.
Original PostClass
28 Aug.
Chapter I
Original PostClass
9 Sept.
Step/Basic/Scaling Haar
Class Notes
11 Sept.
Sect. 1.3 & 1.4
Algorithm PostClass
Algorithm Listing (.pdf)
16/18 Sept.
Sect. 1.5 & 1.6
Transform & Plots Post Thurs. Class PDF format
Sat., 20 Sept.
Vector Spaces
Prof. Olafsson's Slides Prof. Cygan's Notes
Quiz Answers
Additional Notes (Prof. Cygan)
Spaces of Functions
Linear Maps
Exercises (Prof. Cygan)
Th., 2 Oct.
Test One:
Review Sheet
Th., 9 Oct.
Notes on Sampling/Linear Map
Tues. 4 Nov.
Ortho. Projection
Notes: Prof. Cygan
Th. 6 Nov.
Orthog. in Mathematica
Lin. Indep/Orthog.
Th. 13 Nov.
Test II: Linear Algebra
Wed., 10 Dec.
Final Exam: 12:30- 2:30 pm

Neal W. Stoltzfus   Fall 2008