Math 7590 Portfolio Information

Math 7590: Dessin d'Enfant Portfolio


Proposal & First Review:  Thursday, xx September.  

By end of mid-term week, Tuesday, 20 October,  submit one written review & a one page description of your selected 
presentation topic with a brief summary and initial list of references

15 Minute Presentation:  Final two weeks of semester:  24 Nov., 1 & 3 Dec.

Portfolio:   Due at Final Exam:  Wed. 9 Dec. at Noon.

Topic Possibilities

You can find many possible topics in omitted sections from Lando/Zvonkin not covered in the lectures. (See class notes for 8 October for an explicit list of sections to be covered.) Further suggestions are available in project ideas handout.

Additional Portfolio Options

  • Worked Exercises or Examples
  • Revised & Expanded Lecture Notes for a single topic
  • Algorithmic Development
  • Review/Summary of Research Article: In the style of a Math Review write three one-page summaries of published articles related to graphs embedded on surfaces.
  • Help Improve Mathematics on the Internet

    How correct any mathematical errors in the material on graphs embedded on surfaces on these Internet sites! Or create additional pages on specific topics.
  • Wolfram MathWorld
  • Wikipedia
  • Daily Notes

  • Polish and Illustrate (using LaTeX), a week of notes.
  • Algorithm Implementation

  • Extend Bar-Natan's KnotTheory
  • The Knot Atlas: Bar-Natan et al
  • Start a Dessin Atlas.

  • Grades:

    Grading will be weighted as follows:

  • Project: 50%
  • Research Paper Reviews: 20%
  • Other "portfolio" items: 30%

  • Last update: 8 October, 2009