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Temperley Lieb Algebra & Markov Trace

  • Richard Stanley's Catalan Disease
  • Genauer/s.:Gram Determinant for Temperley-Lieb
  • MSRI, subfactors, knots and the development of quantum topology Vaughan Jones. 25th Anniversary celebration of MSRI, Jan 2008
  • On the Origin and Development of SubFactors and Quantum Topology

  • SeifertView

  • SeifertView Main Page (Windows only executable)
  • KnotTheory Demo: Dror Bar Natan Knot Atlas Software
  • Free Differential Calculus Supplements

  • R.H. Fox Quick Trip: A classic
  • Birman's Book: Chapter 3: Free Calculus
  • Original Paper of Traczyk on Markov's Thm.
  • Siefried Moran: The Mathematical Theory of Braids (Chapter 7 et al)
  • Ken Brown: Cohomology of Groups, Springer
  • Mathematica Notebook: Alexander Polynomial from Burau
  • Help Improve Mathematics on the Internet Help correct any mathematical errors in the material on braid theory on these Internet sites! Send corrections to the site owner or edit Wikipedia yourself!
  • Wolfram MathWorld
  • Wikipedia
  • Math 7590: Supplemental Information

    Daily Notes

  • Day One:
  • Braids in Mathematica: Braids in Bar-Natan's KnotTheory
  • Wolfram Demonstrations: Knots: Live App
  • Day Two
  • Stephen Bigelow: Braid Applet
  • Air on the Dirac String
  • Day Three
  • Algorithm Implementation

  • Braids in Bar-Natan's KnotTheory
  • The Knot Atlas: Bar-Natan et al
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  • Projects


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