MATH 7512

Topology II

Spring 2014

Text: Hatcher: Homology

Section 1 Instructor: Neal W. Stoltzfus Email:
Class: 113 Lockett: 9am TTh Office: 258 Lockett URL:
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Course Information: The latest course information will be kept on this site.

Office Hours: These times are especially reserved for you, but other times can easily arranged by appointment. If you just drop by my office, Lockett 258, when I am there I am happy to discuss things, unless I have pressing deadlines. Please introduce yourself!

Communication: The best mode of communication is to ask questions in class. Electronic mail and telephone messages are also good for after-class short answer questions and emergencies.

Advice to Students: A good motto is: Focus on Conceptual Understanding! Plan on spending two hours each day reading the section(s) covered, reviewing your class notes and working homework exercises. The material in this course builds cumulatively and the amount covered in one week is substantial.

I expect you to attend each regularly scheduled class and to keep up with the assigned work. Please discuss with me any emergencies requiring you to be absent, to be late for class or to leave early.

Book Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-79540. Free download. We will cover Chapters 2, 3 and some additional topics at the end of each chapter.

Exams: We will have one midterm exam and a final project (oral & written) at the end of the semester. The written project will be due at the final exam time: 2:30pm, Fri., 9 May

Homework: We will have regular homework assignments. Unless otherwise noted, the section numbers and problem numbers refer to the textbook. You should submit your homework in LaTeX format (a template will be provided.)

Topics Covered: Homework is being posted here.

Attendance50 pts10%
Homework150 pts30%
Mid-Term Exam150 points30%
Final Project 150 points30%

Neal W. Stoltzfus   Spring 2014