G.E.A.U.X. Apartment Guide (old)

The following list is compiled from graduate students in our department.

Apartment: Bienville Towers
Location: 2100 College Drive
Contact Information: 225-928-9137
Size: 2 bedroom (about 900 sq feet)
Cost: about $650 per month
Would you recommend?: Yes
Additional Comments: Has been a nice place to live, not too many students around.
Posted By: Leah Childers, leah@math.lsu.edu

Apartment: Coventry Terrace
Contact Information:
Would you recommend? Not too bad
Additional Comments: The neighborhood is a little ghetto, but I haven't had any problems.
Posted By: Nick Mueller, nmueller@math.lsu.edu

Apartment: Coventry Terrace
Location: 3033 July Street - walking distance from the north gates of LSU
Contact Information: (225)344-9387 Office only open M-F (answering service catches calls when office not open)
Size: 1 bedroom, 1 bath, small walk-in closet, kitchen, joint dining room/living room (relatively small apartment)
Cost: $575
Would you recommend? Depends. There may be better deals across the Baton Rouge area. If living close to campus is very important to you then it is a good place. The complex is pretty quite and low key. The management is very nice and is very responsive to any problems you have. Though the building is pretty old, the interiors are well maintained and appliances are regularly updated as needed.
Additional Comments: The complex has a small pool area. The apartment complex is pretty old and the cable outlet is in an odd place, since it was wired in after apartments were built. You will need an extra long cable to extend it to where you want it in the apartment. Also, if you plan on running cable to multiple places
in your apartment, then you will need to buy a splitter or two.
Posted By: Bradley Adams, badams@math.lsu.edu

Apartment: Plantation Apts
Location: less than a mile from campus on Highland Road
Contact Information: office 766-7675 (can mention my name)
Would you recommend? Highly
Additional Comments: Can ride the city or LSU bus every 5 to 10 mins, all apts are cable and internet ready with no extra charges.
Posted By: Julius N Esunge, esunge@math.lsu.edu

Apartment: Southgate Apartments
Location: 4142 Janet Avenue or 454 West Parker Boulevard
Contact Information: Claus & Claus @ 225-927-1982
Size: 1 bedroom (flat or townhouse) - 620 or 700 square feet
Cost: $550 or $575
Would you recommend? Yes. They are affordable, nice apartments which are very close to campus.
Additional Comments:
Posted By: Talie Hine , nhine1@math.lsu.edu

Apartment: Southgate Towers
Location: Nicholson Drive, a couple miles south of campus
Contact Information: http://www.southgatetowers.com
Size: 1 bedroom (600 sq. ft.)
Cost: $1000/mo. This includes water, gas, cable, and internet. The only utility you have to pay is electric.
Would you recommend? yes
Additional Comments: The cost is steep, but there are a lot of amenities including a nice parking garage, good security, a swimming pool, gym, computer room, and concierge desk. Plus it's really close to campus, and there is a bus that picks you up right in front of the building and drops you off right in front of Lockett. So you save on gas by not driving, and with the utilities included in the price, it makes it more reasonable.
Posted By: Perry Iverson, piverson@math.lsu.edu

Apartment:Tiger Land Library Apartments

Location: 1330 Jim Taylor Drive
Contact Information:
Would you recommend?
Additional Comments: maintenance service is perfect, located directly on the bus route, pet friendly, my apartment kind of dark.
Posted By: Martin Laubinger, martinl@math.lsu.edu

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