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Get set up

  • Download LSU's mobile app, which includes campus maps, LSU sports news, and routes and live tracking for LSU's bus system, Tiger Trails. Links for iOS and Android devices.
  • See the G.E.A.U.X. Apartment Advice page for info on finding a place to live.
  • Campus Federal Credit Union: (located in the Union)
  • COX Communications: Local Cable, Internet, and Phone (located in the Union) -- Go to the Cox desk on the bottom floor of the Student Union on campus and get your internet service at a great student discount.
  • Entergy: Local energy supplier.
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Register to Vote in Baton Rouge: check here or wait for registration cards to come to campus
  • LSU suggests you program the following numbers into your phone:
    • LSU Police Department: 225-578-3231 (Report Suspicious Activity)
    • BR Police Department: 225-389-2000
    • Campus Transit: 225-578-5555
    • Report Outdoor Lighting Problems: 225-578-3186 or

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Getting hungry?

There are plenty of places to eat on campus. Most are a short walk from the math building.