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This page lists PhD graduates of our department since 1990, with dissertation title. Links are provided to Math reviews if a paper based on the dissertation research has appeared in print. Some dissertations are linked below to pdf files of summaries or full documents. Beginning in Fall 2001, LSU is a full participant in the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations ndltd, a global library of such documents, so we have provided links to that library for the most recent dissertations. Jump to decade: 1990s 2000s

Chen, Sheng (1990, Advisor: Perlis)
Constructing isospectral but non-isometric Riemannian manifolds. Canad. Math. Bull. 35 (1992), no. 3, 303--310. MR
Gu, Diana (1990, Advisor: Reid)
Peripheral and eccentric vertices in graphs. Graphs Combin. 8 (1992), no. 4, 361--375.MR
Gubser, Bradley S.(1990, Advisor: Oxley)
A characterization of almost-planar graphs. Combin. Probab. Comput. 5 (1996), no. 3, 227--245.MR
Pfeffer, Carolyn B.(1990, Advisor: Richardson)
Zeroes of primary summand functions on campact solvmanifolds. J. Funct. Anal. 108 (1992), no.1, 161-186.MR
Beaulieu, Patricia (1991, Advisor: Perlis)
The Galois number. Math. Ann. 309 (1997), no. 1, 81--96. MR
Stuart, Donna (1991, Advisor: Perlis)
A new characterization of arithmetic equivalence. J. Number Theory 53 (1995), no. 2, 300--308.MR
Moss, J.D.Jr.,(1991, Advisor: Richardson)
A Paley-Wiener theorem for selected nilpotent Lie groups. J. Funct. Anal. 114 (1993), no. 2, 395--411. MR
Wargo, Lawrence (1991, Advisor: Oxley)
Regular matroids with every circuit basis fundamental. J. Graph Theory 21 (1996), no. 3, 327--334.MR
Kingan, Robert (1992, Advisor: Hurrelbrink)
Tournaments and ideal class groups. Canad. Math. Bull. 38 (1995), no. 3, 330--333.MR
Lee, Jung-Soon (1992, Advisor: Kuo)
Stochastic Volterra equations with singular kernels. Stochastic Process. Appl. 56 (1995), no. 2, 337--349. MR
Asadian, Fariborz (1992, Advisor: Kuo)
Regularity of measures induced by solutions of infinite-dimensional stochastic differential equations. Rocky Mountain J. Math. 27 (1997), no. 2, 387--423. MR
Aucoin, Karen D. (1993, Advisor: Hildebrant)
The structure of commutative ideal semigroups. Semigroup Forum 50 (1995), no. 3, 295--300. MR
Dumesnil, Jill A. (1993, Advisor: Hildebrant)
On $t$-semigroups. Semigroup Forum 50 (1995), no. 3, 383--387. MR
Martin, Heath M.(1993, Advisor: Johnston)
Notes on quadratic sequences. Comm. Algebra 22 (1994), no. 1, 307--319. MR
Park, Robert (1994, Advisor: Richardson)
A Paley-Wiener theorem for all two- and three-step nilpotent Lie groups. J. Funct. Anal. 133 (1995), no. 2, 277--300. MR Abstract: dvi, ps, and pdf
Wu, Haidong (1994, Advisor: Oxley)
On matroid connectivity. Discrete Math. 146 (1995), no. 1-3, 321--324. MR
Kingan, S. R. (1994, Advisor: Oxley)
Binary matroids without prisms, prism duals, and cubes. Discrete Math. 152 (1996), no. 1-3, 211--224. MR
Edie, Richard (1994, Advisor: Ferreyra)
On the optimal control of the Vidale-Wolfe advertising model. Optimal Control Appl. Methods 18 (1997), no. 1, 59--72. MR
Dobson, Edward (1995, Advisor: Bollobas)
Isomorphism problem for Cayley graphs of $Z\sp 3\sb p$. Discrete Math. 147 (1995), no. 1-3, 87--94. MR
Kim, Mihi (1995, Advisor: Neubrander)
Remarks on Volterra equations in Banach spaces. Commun. Korean Math. Soc. 12 (1997), no. 4, 1039--1064. Abstract: ps, and pdf. MR
Knuckles, Craig (1995, Advisor: Wolenski)
$C\sp 1$ selections of multifunctions in one dimension. Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1996/97), no. 2, 655--676. MR
Paris, Stephen (1995, Advisor: Gilmer)
An extremal property of Rokhlin's inequality for real algebraic curves. Math. Ann. 304 (1996), no. 3, 613--620. MR
Ahmad, Hamza (1995, Advisor: Ohm)
Function fields of Pfister neighbors. J. Algebra 178 (1995), no. 2, 653--664. MR
Chimitza, Basinyi (1995, Advisor: Gilmer)
Modules associated to disconnected surfaces by quantization functors. Topology Appl. 93 (1999), no. 1, 41--63. MR
Mills, Allan D (1995, Advisor:Oxley)
Matroids that are almost series-parallel networks. Proceedings of the Twenty-seventh Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing (Baton Rouge, LA, 1996). Congr. Numer. 119 (1996), 161--172. MR
Vijayan, Colathur R.(1995, Advisor: Richardson)
Non-homeomorphic nilmanifolds with identical unitary spectrum. J. Funct. Anal. 144 (1997), no. 2, 424--447. MR
Gonzalez, Genaro (1995, Advisor: Lawson)
Fourier series, Fourier transforms and applications. Divulg. Mat. 5 (1997), no. 1-2, 43--60 (1998). MR
Shi, Gen Bao (1995, Advisor: J. Goldstein)
Obstacle scattering for elastic waves. Recent developments in evolution equations (Glasgow, 1994), 3--17, Pitman Res. Notes Math. Ser., 324, Longman Sci. Tech., Harlow, 1995. MR
Wang, Kunyang (1996, Advisor: J. Goldstein)
Degenerate nonlinear parabolic problems: the influence of probability theory. Stochastic processes and functional analysis (Riverside, CA, 1994), 101--111, Lecture Notes in Pure and Appl. Math., 186, Dekker, New York, 1997. MR
Cook, Darwyn (1996, Advisor: Richardson)
Muntz-Szasz theorems for nilpotent Lie groups. J. Funct. Anal. 157 (1998), no. 2, 394--412. MR
Fitzgerald, Jeanne (1996, Advisor: Lax)
Decoding affine variety codes using Gr bner bases. Des. Codes Cryptography, 13 (1998), no. 2, 147--158. MR
Leo, John W (1996, Advisor: Oxley)
On coefficients of the Tutte polynomial. Discrete Math. 184 (1998), no. 1-3, 121--135. MR
Stevens, Wayne (1996, Advisor: Gilmer)
Recursion formulas for some abelian knot invariants. J. Knot Theory Ramifications 9 (2000), no. 3, 413--422. MR
Lim, Yongdo (1996, Advisor: Lawson)
On $UDL$ decompositions in semigroups. J. Korean Math. Soc. 34 (1997), no. 3, 633--651. MR
Kim, Jaehoo Park (1996, Advisor: Smolinsky)
A HOMFLY-PT polynomial of links in a solid torus. Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications 8 (1999), no.6, 709-720; MR 2000g:57023
Zou, Dongya (1996, Advisor: Kuo); Existence and uniqueness theorems for some white noise integral equations.
Baeumer, Boris (1997, Advisor: Neubrander)
Convolution kernels and generalized functions. Generalized functions, operator theory, and dynamical systems (Brussels, 1997), 68--78, Chapman & Hall/CRC Res. Notes Math., 399, Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, FL, 1999. MR
John Dittmann (1997, Advisor: Oporowski)
Unavoidable minors of graphs of large type. Discrete Mathematics (to appear)
Brusamarello, Rosali (1998, Advisor: Morales)
On the second Stiefel-Whitney class of scaled trace forms of central simple algebras. J. London Math. Society. (2) 61 (2000), no. 2, 335--348. MR 2001c:11051
Wu, Zhaoyang (1998, Advisor: Oxley)
On extremal connectivity properties of unavoidable matroids. J. Combininatorial Theory Ser. B 75 (1999), no. 1, 19--45. MR
Wu, Pou-lin (1998, Advisor: Oxley)
An upper bound on the number of edges of a $2$-connected graph. Combin. Probab. Comput. 6 (1997), no. 1, 107--113. MR
Matthews, Gretchen L. (1999, Advisor: Lax)
Weierstrass pairs and minimum distance of Goppa codes. Designs, Codes and Cryptography 22 (2001), 107-121
Whipple, Gretchen (1999, Advisor: Madden)
Totally ordered commutative monoids. Semigroup Forum 62 (2001), no.2, 249-278; MR 1 831 511 (2001:12).
Ru, Xueping (1999, Advisor: Dorroh)
The application of the method of quasi-reversibility to the sideways heat equation. J. Math. Anal. Appl. 236 (1999), no. 2, 503--519. MR
Stan, Aurel Iulian (1999, Advisor: Kuo)
Paley-Wiener theorem for white noise analysis. J. Functional Anal. 173 (2000), no. 2, 308--327. MR
Lu, Bin (1999, Advisor: Lawson)
Riemann and Edalat integration on domains. Theoretical Computer Science (to appear).
Turner, Galen (1999, Advisor: Oxley)
Discrete Mathematics


Gary L. Salazar (August 2000, Advisor: Lax)
Linear Codes Defined from Higher-Dimensional Varieties
Yu Zhuang (August 2000, Advisor: Neubrander)
Classically Unstable Approximations for Linear Evolution Equations and Applications
Jianyuan Zhong (August 2000, Advisor: Gilmer)
The Homflypt skein module of S1xS2: See Departmental Online Preprint Service.
Angel Cruz-Delgado (August 2000, Advisor: Ferreyra)
On Some Optimal Control Problems for the Centroaffine Geometry on the Plane.
Chin-Te Chu (December 2000, Advisor: Richardson)
A Canonical Description of Plancherel Measure for Two-Step Free Nilpotent Lie Groups
Said K. Ngobi (December 2000, Advisor: Kuo)
On Stochastic Integration for White Noise Distribution Theory
Robert Osburn (May 2001, Advisor: Hurrelbrink)
Densities of 4-ranks of K2(O) has appeared in Acta. Arith. 102 (2002), 45-54; MR1884956(2002m:11099).
Uroyoan R. Walker (May 2001, Advisor: Morales)
On k-Conjugacy Classes of Maximal Tori in Semi-Simple Algebraic Groups
Glenn R. Berman (May 2001, Advisor: Ding)
Categorization of Graphs for which Every Orientation Contains Directed Graphs with One, Two, or Three Directed Two-circuits as a Minor.
Cem Guneri(Aug 2001, Advisor: Lax)
Artin-Schreier Families and 2-D Cyclic Codes: ndltd. Research published in the journal Finite Fields and Their Applications, ISSN 1071-5797, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp 481-505, October, 2004, under the title Artin-Schreier curves and weights of two-dimensional cyclic codes. Link via ScienceDirect.
Marius Somodi(Aug 2001, Advisor: Perlis)
Bounding the Wild Set (Counting the minimum number of Wild Primes in Hilbert Symbol Equivalent Number Fields): ndltd.
Jamiiru Luttamaguzi(Dec 2001, Advisor: Ferreyra)
Monotone Follower Control Problem with a Non-convex Functional and some related problems: ndltd.
Simone Flory (May 2002, Advisor: Neubrander)
On the Stabilization and Regularization of Rational Approximation Schemes for Semigroups : ndltd.
Brian J. Murray (Aug. 2002, Advisor: van Wamelen)
Explicit Multiplicative Relations Between Gauss Sums : ndltd.
Victor S. Nelson (Aug. 2002, Advisor: Litherland)
Racks, Quandles and Virtual Knots: ndltd.
Changheon Kang (Aug. 2002, Advisor: Perlis)
Exotic Integral Witt Equivalence of Algebraic Number Fields: ndltd.
Fabiana Cardetti (Aug. 2002, Advisor: Ferreyra)
On Properties of Linear Control Systems on Lie Groups: ndltd.
David Slay (Dec. 2002, Advisor: Fabec)
Group Automorphisms and the Decomposition of Plancherel Measures: ndltd.
Jinko Kanno (Aug. 2003, Advisor: Ding)
Splitter Theorems for 3- and 4-Regular Graphs : ndltd.
John Harris (Aug. 2003, Advisor: Gilmer)
The Kauffman Bracket Skein Module of the Quaternionic Manifold : ndltd.
Robin Blankenship (Aug 2003, Advisor: Oporowski)
Book Embeddings of Graphs : ndltd.
Haohao Wang (Aug. 2003, Advisor: Adkins)
Equations of Parametric Surfaces with Base Points via Syzygies : ndltd.
Michael Holcomb (Aug. 2003, Advisor: Hoffman)
On the Geometry and Topology of Moduli Spaces of Multi-polygonal Linkages : ndltd.
Troels Johansen (Aug. 2004, Advisor: Olafsson)
Orbit Structure on the Silov Boundary of a Tube Domain and the Plancherel Decomposition of a Causally Compact Symmetric Space, with Emphasis on the Rank One Case: ndltd.
Mihaly Kovacs (Aug. 2004, Advisor: Neubrander)
On Qualitative Properties and Convergence of Time-Discretization Methods for Semigroups: ndltd.
Costel Ionita (Aug. 2004, Advisor: Hurrelbrink)
Class Groups and Norms of Units: ndltd.
Vochita Mihai (Aug. 2004, Advisor: Sengupta)
The Radon-Gauss Transform: ndltd.
Claudiu Mihai (Dec. 2004, Advisor: Neubrander)
Asymptotic Laplace Transforms: ndltd.
Norma Ortiz (May 2005, Advisor: Wolenski)
Dynamical Systems with Time Delay: ndltd.
Vinicio Rios (May 2005, Advisor: Wolenski)
Dissipative Lipschitz Dynamics: ndltd.
Aristidou, Michael (August 2005, Olafsson)
Laguerre Functions Associated to Euclidean Jordan Algebras: ndltd.
Dobrescu, Mihaela (August 2005, Olafsson)
Wavelet Sets with and without Groups and Multiresolution Analysis: ndltd.
McAllister, Sarah (August 2005, Neubrander)
Error Estimates for Stabilized Approximation Methods for Semigroups: ndltd.
Czarneski, Debra (August 2005, Perlis)
Zeta Functions of Finite Graphs: ndltd.
Schellhorn, William (August 2005, Litherland)
Virtual Strings for Closed Curves with Multiple Components and Filamentations for Virtual Links: ndltd.
Cazacu, George Edison (August 2005, Lawson)
Stability in Dynamical Polysystems: ndltd.
Zabic, Stanislav (August 2005, Wolenski)
Impulsive Systems: ndltd.
Breitzman, Timothy (August 2005, Lipton)
Multiscale Strain Analysis: ndltd.
Cazacu, Rodica (December 2005, Lawson)
Quasicontinuous Derivatives and Viscosity Functions: ndltd.
Arslan, Mustafa (May 2006, Hoffman)
Integral Cohomology of the Siegel Modular Variety of Degree Two and Level Three: ndltd.
Al-Shammari, Khalid (May 2006, Wolenski)
Filippov's Operator and Discontinuous Differential Equations: ndltd.
Kim, Jeonghun (August 2006, Perlis)
Classifying Quadratic Number Fields up to Arf Equivalence: ndltd.
Becnel, Jeremy (August 2006, Sengupta)
Extension of Shor's Period-Finding Algorithm to Infinite Dimensional Hilbert Spaces: ndltd.
Beavers, Brian(August 2006, Oxley)
Circuits and Structure in Matroids and Graphs: ndltd.
Qazaqzeh, Khaled (August 2006, Gilmer)
Topics in Quantum Topology: ndltd.
Stuebner, Michael (August 2006, Lipton)
An Inverse Homogenization Design Method for Stress Control in Composites: ndltd.
Lee, See-Keong (December 2006, Kuo)
On Moment Conditions for the Girsanov Theorem: ndltd.
Wu, Jie (December 2006, Sundar)
Limit Theorems for Weighted Stochastic Systems of Interacting Particles: ndltd.
Bureau, Jean (December 2006, Morales)
Representation Properties of Definite Lattices in Function Fields: ndltd.
Yin, Hong (May 2007, Sundar)
Backward Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations in Two Dimensions: ndltd.
Kwon, Nam Hee (May 2007, Sage)
Subrepresentation Semirings and an Analogue of 6j-Symbols: ndltd.
Daspan, Gideon (August 2007, Tom)
Comparison of KP and BBM-KP Models: ndltd.
Kim, Heon (December 2007, Verrill)
Sign ambiguities of Gaussian sums: ndltd.
Namli, Suat (December 2007, Kuo)
Multiplicative Renormalization Method for Orthogonal Polynomials: ndltd.
Laubinger, Martin (May, 2008 Lawson)
Differential Geometry in Cartesian Closed Categories of Smooth Spaces: ndltd.
Meng, Chao (August, 2008 Sengupta)
Stochastic and Copula Models for Credit Derivatives: ndltd.
Wallace, Steven D. (August, 2008 Litherland)
Surgery Description of Colored Knots: ndltd.
Alali, Bacim (August, 2008 Lipton)
Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Media for Local and Nonlocal Continuum Theories: ndltd.
Morris, Karli Smith (August, 2008 Perlis)
Trace Forms of Abelian Extensions of Number Fields: ndltd.
Ozer, Koray (August, 2008 Neubrander)
Laplace Transform Inversion and Time-Discretization Methods for Evolution Equations : ndltd.
Tugurlan, Maria Cristina (December, 2008 Bourdin)
Fast Marching Methods - Parallel Implementation and Analysis: ndltd.
Aikin, Jeremy M. (August 2009, Oxley)
The Structure of 4-Separations in 4-Connected Matroids ndltd.
Cai, Wei (August 2009, Wolenski)---
Impulsive Control Systems ndltd.
Christensen, Jens Gerlach (August 2009, Olafsson)
Function Spaces, Wavelets and Representation Theory ndltd.
Chun, Carolyn B (August 2009, Oxley)
Unavoidable Minors in Graphs and Matroids ndltd.
Guevara, Alvaro Jose (August 2009, Wolenski)
A Regularization Technique in Dynamic Optimization ndltd.
Esunge, Julius (August 2009, Kuo)
White Noise Methods for Anticipating Stochastic Differential Equations ndltd.
Morgan, Evan James (August 2009, Oporowski)
Some Results on Cubic Graphs ndltd.
Ptitsyna, Natalia (August 2009, Shipman)
A Discrete Model of Guided Modes and Anomalous Scattering in Periodic Structures ndltd.
Wiboonton, Keng (August 2009, Olafsson)
The Segal-Bargmann Transform on Inductive Limits of Compact Symmetric Spaces ndltd.
Zito, Kevin (August 2009, Neubrander)
Convolution Semigroups ndltd.
Vindas, Jasson (August 2009, Estrada)
Local Behavior of Distributions and Applications ndltd.
Caranica, Constantin Cristian (August 2009, Verrill)
Algorithms Related to Subgroups of the Modular Group ndltd.
Egedy, Charles Richard (December 2009, Cohen)
The Extended Picture Group, With Applications to Line Arrangement Complements ndltd.
Fang, Liqun (December 2009, Sundar)
Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations with Fractional Brownian Motions ndltd.
Lowrance, Adam Micah (December 2009, Baldridge)
Homological Width and Turaev Genus ndltd.