MS Theses: Graduates and Advisors

Most doctoral students in mathematics earn an MS along the way by Comprehensive Examination, rather than by writing a thesis. This enables doctoral students to proceed more efficiently towards writing a doctoral dissertation. However, it is possible to earn an MS by writing a thesis, and this includes several specialized options such as an MS with Concentration in Applications or an MS with Concentration in Finance. See the link Graduate Degrees for further information about these options.

This MS-Thesis page has been started in the summer of 2003. We will list all MS-thesis topics - authors and advisors - on this page. You can look up more information about the theses listed at the following link: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. Please let us know about omissions so we can maintain this list properly. Thanks!

Below there are lists arranged by decade.

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  • Boyd, Aimee Beth (2002 - Advisor: Oporowski) Discrete Mathematics Topics in the Secondary School Curriculum
  • Aliyu, Mohammad Dikko (2003 - Advisor: Smolinsky) A Parametrization Approach for Solving the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation and Application to the A2 Toda Lattice
  • Dutch, Ryan (2003 - Advisor: Cochran) A Risk-Averse Strategy for Blackjack Using Fractional Dynamic Programming
  • Brand, Belinda B. (2003 - Advisor: Madden) Gauss' Method of Least Squares: An Historically-based Introduction
  • Guillory, Jessica J. (2003 - Advisor: Sundar) Stock Price Modelling and Insider Trading Theory
  • Faradj, Mabrouck (2004 - Advisor: Madden) Which Mean do you mean? An Exposition on Means
  • Hossain, Imtiaz (2004 - Advisor: Olafsson) Query by Image Content Using Wavelets and Gibbs-Markov Random Fields
  • Armstrong, Summer Ann (2004 - Advisor: Madden) A Meta-Analysis of Randomness in Human Behavioral Research
  • Champagne, Scott (2005 - Advisor: Neubrander) The Asymptotic Z-Transform

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