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College Readiness Program Description


The LSU College Readiness Program offers a dual enrollment (DE) opportunity for high school students to earn credit for both an LSU course and a high school course at the same time while remaining on the high school campus.  The following LSU courses are offered for dual credit to qualifying high school students:

·       Math 1021 College Algebra paired with the first half of high school Advanced Math

·       Math 1022 Trigonometry paired with the second half of high school Advanced Math

·       Math 1431 Business Calculus paired with a high school math elective   

·       Math 1029 Contemporary Math paired with high school Discrete Math


In order for a high school to offer this DE opportunity, the teacher assigned to teach the high school course must participate in an initial professional development (PD) workshop.  This workshop includes two four-day summer sessions at LSU and at least 20 additional hours of independent work between the two four-day workshop sessions.  There is no fee for participation in the PD workshop for DE teachers.  One-day follow-up DE workshops at LSU are held at the beginning of each fall and spring semester thereafter.


The trained high school College Readiness Program DE teacher serves as the classroom facilitator in the high school setting with an LSU faculty member serving as the Instructor of Record.  Students use the online environment of MyMathLab to do the same Homework, Quizzes, Tests, and Final Exam as the on-campus, full-time college students enrolled in the same course.  LSU tuition for each 3-credit-hour DE course is offered at $300 per student per semester.


Furthermore, for each ten high school students enrolled (or anticipated to enroll) in an LSU DE course, the LSU College Readiness Program offers the same PD workshop to one non-DE teacher from that school.  Non-DE teachers can choose to specialize in any one of the following MyMathLab courses at the workshop: 

·       Calculus

·       Advanced Math

·       Algebra II

·       Geometry

·       Algebra I


At the workshop, DE and non-DE teachers … 

    • are taught how to appropriately use web-based technology to redesign course delivery and improve student learning outcomes 
    • are taught how to effectively use the online learning system MyMathLab at an advanced level 
    • are given access to web-based CCSS-aligned courses in MyMathLab developed by Louisiana teachers 
    • attend sessions focusing on the CCSS 
    • have an opportunity to observe LSU math classes and observe students in the LSU Math Lab
    • become "certified" by the LSU College Readiness Program after completing the workshop requirements  
    • network with other teachers already certified in the LSU College Readiness Program 


Individual schools or districts will be responsible for providing hardware for their students to access the web and for purchasing MyMathLab access codes for their DE and non-DE students using the content from these courses.  A one-year access code for the MyMathLab online learning system used to deliver the content must be purchased for each student at $42 per student per year. 


For additional information contact Phoebe Rouse at prouse@lsu.edu or Frank Neubrander at neubrand@math.lsu.edu .