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Course Choice Program

Act II of the 2012 Louisiana Legislature created the Course Choice program to give public high school students in Louisiana the opportunity to take courses that are not currently offered at their high schools with tuition provided by the state.

The Louisiana Colleges Course Choice Collaborative (LA4C) was formed to serve as a course provider for that program.

Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge) is a member of the Collaborative and through that provider will be offering the following courses to high school students through the Course Choice program:

Math 1021 College Algebra (3 credit hours):  In-depth treatment of solving equations and inequalities, function properties and graphs; inverse functions; linear, quadratic, and polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions with applications; systems of equations.

Math 1022 Trigonometry (3 credit hours) Spring only:  Trigonometric functions and graphs; inverse trig functions; fundamental identities and angle formulas; solving equations and triangles with applications; polar coordinate system.

Both courses are transferable to any institution that accepts credit from LSU (which includes all Louisiana higher educational institutions).

Content/assessments will be delivered online with weekly deadlines for assignment submission.  Minimum expected time commitment is 8-10 hours per week.  Three 2-hour-each exams must be scheduled and taken on the LSUBR campus by specific deadlines found on the attached Daily Schedule.  Some evening times will be available.

To apply for ADMISSION to LSU for the Course Choice Program, follow the instructions on the attached document.  The deadline for admission to the university for participation in the Fall 2013 Course Choice Program is August  15, 2013.

F13 Math 1021 Course Choice Syllabus.doc82.5 KB
F13 Math 1021 Course Choice Daily Schedule.xlsx13.24 KB