LSU College of Science

Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis

Mathematics plays a central role in the design of efficient and reliable algorithms which, together with powerful high performance computers, are responsible for the success of the new approach to science and engineering through computational modeling and simulation.

Members of the research group in scientific computing/numerical analysis share a common interest in numerical methods for partial differential equations, one of the main modeling tools in science and engineering. Their research ranges from the design and analysis of numerical schemes to iterative methods for the discretized problems and their parallel implementations, with applications to mechanics (fluid and solid), electromagnetics, optimal design, image processing and digital geometry processing.


Blaise BourdinProf. BourdinMathematics of materials science, scientific computing, optimal design
Susanne C. BrennerProf. BrennerNumerical analysis, finite element methods, multigrid methods, domain decompostion methods
Li-yeng SungProf. SungPartial differential equations, inverse scattering, numerical analysis.
Shawn WalkerDr. WalkerFinite element methods, free boundary problems, PDE-constrained (shape) optimization.
Xiaoliang WanDr. WanStochastic modeling, numerical methods for stochastic PDEs, minimum action method.
Hongchao ZhangDr. ZhangNonlinear optimization and its applications, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra.


Andrew BarkerDr. BarkerNumerical Analysis.
Michael NeilanDr. NeilanNumerical analysis, finite element methods, fully nonlinear PDEs, optimal transport.
Eun-Hee ParkDr. ParkNumerical analysis, domain decomposition methods, parallel computing, and numerical methods for PDEs.

Graduate Students

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