VIGRE@LSU: Undergraduate Travel

The webpages on the VIGRE@LSU grant are no longer maintained

Undergraduate Travel

Travel Support

VIGRE@LSU and the Louisiana Board of Regents grant, Enhancing Students Professional Success, allows for limited travel funds for Math undergraduate students of up to $800 per travel. The application process for both grants is the same. These funds are limited to conferences and workshops in the USA and to undergraduates who are making presentations. Students are also expected to apply for support to the organizers. Students are required to submit a written report not later that one month after the end of the travel.

  • To obtain financial support the students must email a proposal in PDF format to the PI, Gestur Olafsson, VIGRE and cc to the coordinator Doris Glass-Heckert, preferably two months before the meeting takes place and not later than one month before. The applications should include the following:
    • The name of the applicant
    • Visa status, if not a US citizen
    • Name of the advisor and a supporting statement from that advisor
    • Name and topic of the meeting
    • Name of the organizers
    • Dates of the travel
    • Description of your work or abstract of the talk
    • Name of a faculty member, if any, who will travel with the student
    • Copy of all correspondence (emails, etc.) showing that the student applied for other support.
    • Budget, including cost of travel and per diem
  • If approved for funding for travel, you must submit form AS292, Request for authorization to travel, to Amanda Alonzo (Lockett 377, 578-1658). This should be done well in advance of the beginning of the trip.   Please be sure before submitting, that the form is filled out completely and correctly.
  • After travel is complete, a report must be submitted. The report should be submitted to Gestur Olafsson, VIGRE and cc to Doris Glass-Heckert, as a PDF file and should include the following:
    • Name
    • Name, location, and time of the conference/workshop
    • Did you give a talk? If so, please include the title.
    • Other support
    • Name of faculty member(s)/mentor(s) that participated in the conference
    • New contacts you made during the conference/workshop. Was a faculty member helpful in introducing you to new people?
    • How did the conference/workshop help with your study and research?
    • You may also include in the report other valuable comments like:
      • Were there talks that helped you more than other talks?
      • Who were the specialists that you talked to?
      • Any other positive or negative comments that you can come up with.
  • After travel is complete you must submit form AS300, Travel Expense Reimbursement Request, and all supporting documentation to Amanda Alonzo (Lockett 373, 578-1658). Please be sure before submitting, that the form is filled out completely and correctly. For a complete explanation, please see PM13, University Travel Regulations, or the FY 11-12 Pocket Travel Guide.