VIGRE@LSU: Postdoctoral Associates

The webpages on the VIGRE@LSU grant are no longer maintained

Postdoctoral Associates

The VIGRE postdoctoral program is supported by the NSF VIGRE program, the College of Science and the Center for Computation and Technology.

Each postdoctoral position is a two or three year appointment with teaching duties of two courses per academic year. Postdoctoral associates are expected to actively participate in VIGRE activities, in particular the VIR courses and other vertically integrated research experiences. Each postdoctoral associate  has a research and teaching mentor.

VIGRE postdoctoral Associates

  • Scott Armstrong, Partial Differential Equations (August 2009-May 2010)
  • Andrew Barker, Numerical Analysis (2009), Mentors: Susanne Brenner & Li-Yeng Sung
  • Mark Bilinski, Graph theory (2008), Mentor: Guoli Ding
  • Christopher Bremer, Algebraic Geometry (2008), Mentors: Pramod Achar & Daniel Sage
  • Chris Davis, Numerical Analysis (2011), Mentors: Hae-Soo Oh and Susanne Brenner
  • Ben Harris, Lie Groups, Representation Theory, Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces (2011), Mentors: H. He and G. Olafsson
  • Mary Kate Kearney, Topology, Knot Theory (2011), Mentors: Patrick Gilmer
  • Gregory Muller, Algebraic Geometry and noncommutative geometry (2010), Mentor: M. Yakimov
  • Heather Russell, Low-Dimensional Topology, Knot Homologies, Springer Varieties (2009 - 2011), Mentor: Oliver Dasbach
  • Aaron T. Welters, Applied Mathematics (2009 - 2011), Mentor: R. Lipton and S. Shipman