VIGRE@LSU: Graduate Travel

The webpages on the VIGRE@LSU grant are no longer maintained

Travel Support

  • VIGRE@LSU offers travel support for US citizens/permanent residents up to $800 per travel.
  • Board of Regents also offers travel support for non-US citizens up to $800.
  • VIGRE supports international travel, but only in exceptional cases. All BOR travel support is limited to conferences and workshops within the USA.
  • If giving a presentation during the meeting, the student must apply for support from the Graduate School at LSU.
  • It is also expected that students apply for support to the organizers of the conference or workshop if possible.
  • Among the students who are not giving a presentation, preference will be given to those traveling with their advisor or a faculty member in the same field. Also, preference will be given to students whose advisor does not have the means to support the travel.
  • To obtain financial support the students must email a proposal in PDF format to the PI, Gestur Olafsson, VIGRE and cc to the coordinator Doris Glass-Heckert, preferably two months before the meeting takes place and not later than one month before.   The applications should include the following:
    • The name of the applicant
    • Visa Status
    • Name of the advisor and a supporting statement from that advisor
    • Name and topic of the meeting
    • Name of the organizers
    • Dates of travel
    • Justification: are you giving a talk, why it is important for your study and later job prospects, is there someone that you would like to have a discussion with
    • Name of a faculty member, if any, who will travel with you
    • Copy of all correspondence (emails, etc.) showing that the student applied for other support (Graduate School, organizers of the conference or workshop, etc.)
    • Budget, including cost of travel and per diem
  • If approved for funding for travel, you must submit form , Request for authorization to travel, to Doris Glass-Heckert (Lockett 323, 578-7866). This should be done well in advance of the beginning of the trip. Please be sure before submitting, that the form is filled out completely and correctly.
  • After travel is complete, a report must be submitted.   The report should be submitted to  Gestur Olafsson, VIGRE and cc to Doris Glass-Heckert, as a PDF or DOC file and should include the following:
    • Name
    • Name, location, and time of the conference/workshop
    • Did you give a talk? If so, please include the title.
    • Other support
    • Name of faculty member(s)/mentor(s) that participated in the conference
    • New contacts you made during the conference/workshop. Was a faculty member helpful in introducing you to new people?
    • How did the conference/workshop help with your study and research?
    • You may also include in the report other valuable comments like:
      • Were there talks that helped you more than other talks?
      • Who were the specialists that you talked to?
      • Any other positive or negative comments that you can come up with.
  • After travel is complete you must submit form AS300, Travel Expense Reimbursement Request, and all supporting documentation to Doris Glass-Heckert (Lockett 323, 578-7866). Please be sure before submitting, that the form is filled out completely and correctly. For a complete explanation, please see PM13, University Travel Regulations, or the FY 12-13 Pocket Travel Guide.