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Research and Publications

My research interests are the analysis and computation of partial differential equations, mathematical materials science, and traffic modeling. I am currently working with Professor Robert Lipton as a postdoctoral researcher. Some problems I have worked on are below.

  1. Alexander Kurganov and A. Polizzi
    Non-oscillatory central schemes for traffic models with Arrhenius look-ahead dynamics.
    Networks and Heterogeneous Media, 4 (2009), 431-451.

  2. Alina Chertock, Alexander Kurganov, A. Polizzi and Ilya Timofeyev
    A pedestrian flow model with slowdown interactions.
    Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 24 (2014) 249 - 275.
    arXiv: 1209.5947 [math.PR]
    DOI: 10.1142/S0218202513400083

  3. Robert Lipton and A. Polizzi
    Tuning gain and bandwidth of traveling wave tubes using metamaterial beam-wave interaction structures.
    Journal of Applied Physics. 116, 144504 (2014)
    arXiv: 1406.4180 [physics-clas-ph]
    DOI: 10.1142/S0218202513400083

  4. R. Lipton, A. Polizzi and Lokendra Thakur
    Negative index metamaterial from perfectly conducting corrugated subwavelength structures
    SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics. vol. 77, issue 4 (2017)
    Link to pdf
    DOI: 10.1137/16M109733X

  5. A. Polizzi and Cody Pond
    An asymptotic formula for solutions to a heterogeneous logistic equation with small diffusion rate.

  6. Alina Chertock, Alexander Kurganov and A. Polizzi
    Multi-class traffic flow model with look-ahead dynamics.