Crack pattern in ceramics subject to thermal shock

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I currently have openings for undergraduate research assistants. Graduate and post-graduate appointment are always subject to funding availability. Contact me for more informations.

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Graduate students

  • Erwan Tanné is a Ph.D. at the Laboratoire de Mécanique de solides at École Polytechnique in France, supported by a grant from Chevron ETC and co-advised with Jean-Jacques Marigo. Prior to that, Erwan received studied Multiscales and Multiphysics Modeling of Materials and Structures at École Polytechnique and Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics) at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in France. His work is on phase-field models of ductile fracture with focus on failure of rocks, supported by Chevron ETC.
  • Nha Van Tran came to LSU in January 2016 after receiving a Master of Science Computational Engineering from the Vietnamese-German University, in collaboration with the Ruhr University in Bochum and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science from the Vietnam National University. His graduate works deal with fracture in heterogeneous media, supported by a grant from the DMREF program of the National Science Foundation.
  • Alex Dunkel is working simultaneously on a MS in Computer Science and a PhD in mathematics. His work deals with various numerical aspects of variational phase field models.

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Graduate students

  • Chukwudi Chukwudozie: Ph. D. in Petroleum Engineering 2016. His thesis, supported by a grant from Chevron ETC and co-advised with Mayank Tyagi deals with the development of a fully coupled hydro-mechanical reservoir simulator with focus on the numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing.
  • Ataollah Mesgarnejad: Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Mathematics, 2014. His thesis deals with multiple numerical aspects of variational models of fracture and applications to out-of-plane deformation of thin films.
  • Cristina (Tugurlan) Marinovici: Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2008. In her thesis, Cristina developed a parallel implementation of teh Fast Marching Method.
  • Navid Mozaffari: M.S. in Mathematics, 2014.
  • Kailyn Brabhan: M.N.S. in Mathematics, 2014.
  • Sean Farley: M.S. Mathematics, 2009.