Contact informations:

Department of Mathematics
344, Lockett Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge LA 70803
Tel. +1 (225) 578-1612
Fax. +1 (225) 578-4276

Research Interests:

My primary research interest lies in the analysis and numerical implementation of the variational approach to fracture. Throughout this work, I became increasingly interested in large scale high performance computing. In particular, I am deeply indebted to the PETSc, TAO, and Cubit projects which play an instrumental role in this project.

In recent years, I have become interested in the predictive understanding of reservoir stimulation for Enhanced Geothermal Systems, a clean and renewable source of energy. With several colleagues from the departments of Geology and Petroleum Engineering, I am involved in the Geothermal Interest Group at LSU which is “what I though academia was about before I knew what academia really is”...

I am also collaborating with Chevron ETC on reservoir stimulation techniques.

In the past, I also did some work on optimal design and image processing.

Recent collaborators