My primary research interest lies in the analysis and numerical implementation of the variational approaches to the mechanics of defect, and in particular brittle fracture. Throughout this work, I became increasingly interested in large scale high performance computing. In particular, I am deeply indebted to the PETSc, TAO, Cubit, and VisIt projects which play an instrumental role in this project.

I strongly value interdisciplinary work and have worked on application of these problems to problems as diverse as reservoir stimulation, fracture of thin film coatings or drying of colloidal suspensions, with collaborators from mathematics, physics, mechanics and engineering, and the industry. I am also fortunate to mentor two bright graduate students: Chukwudi Chukwudozie (LSU Petroleum Engineering), and Erwan Tanné (École Polytechnique, France).

In the past, I also did some work on optimal design and image processing.

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