MATH 2057: Multidimensional Calculus

MATH 2057         Multidimensional Calculus         Fall 2006

  Section 4   Instructor: Dan Cohen   Phone: 578-1576
  M W F   2:40-3:30 pm     Office Hours: M W F 1:00-2:00 pm*   E-mail:
  232 Lockett   Office: 372 Lockett   URL:  
* Tentative. Any change in office hours will be announced in class. I will also hold office hours by appointment.

Text:  Stewart, Calculus, Fifth Edition (Early Transcendentals Version)
We will cover (portions of) chapters 14 though 16.

Prerequisites:  MATH 1552 (Calculus II).

Description:  In the third semester of the Calculus sequence, we extend the basic notions from first-year Calculus, differentiation and integration, and their interpretations and applications (tangents, optimization, area, volume...) to functions of several variables. We also study Vector Calculus, generalizing integration to line and surface integrals. These integrals arise in a number of applications (work, fluid flow, electricity and magnetism...), and are related to their predecessors by analogues of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Catalog Description: Three-dimensional analytic geometry, partial derivatives, multiple integrals.

The departmental syllabus may be found at

Homework:  This course will use the computer package WeBWorK for the assigning and grading of some homework problems. The first graded WeBWorK assignment will be given at the end of the first week of classes. Your initial WeBWork assignment will be to successfully log on to the system at and complete the introductory problem set ("Set 0"). This problem set is designed to acquaint you with using WeBWorK, and will not be graded. I will check near the end to the first week of classes to make sure everyone has successfully completed this problem set. If you are enrolled in the course, but are not able to access WeBWorK, contact me (preferably by email at ).

I will assign other homework problems from the text (to be done by hand for practice) essentially every class. Homework may occasionally be augmented with short in-class quizzes. These homework assignments will be announced in class, posted at, and occasionally discussed in class as necessary.

Exams:  There will be three hour-long, in-class exams. These exams will tentatively take place during the weeks of September 18, October 16, and November 13. No make-up exams, except in extreme cases. If you must miss an exam, you should notify me before the exam takes place.

Final:  There will be a comprehensive final exam on Friday, December 15, 12:30-2:30 pm.

Grade:   The final exam will be worth 30% of the the total grade and the homework and exams will each contribute 17.5%. It is possible that course grades will be curved slightly. In any case, 90-100% is assured an A, 80-89% a B, and so on.

Important Dates:  

last day to drop September 5
Labor Day September 4
last day to add September 7
Fall Holiday October 5-6
last day to withdraw November 10
Thanksgiving November 23-24

Please be aware of LSU's new academic policies regarding the dropping of courses by undergraduate students.
See pages 71-72 of the 2006-2007 catalog for details.

Notes:   Calculators, computers, books, notes, etc. may not be used on the exams, any quizzes, or the final exam.

Blue Books:   For redistribution for the exams and final, please bring four (blank) blue books to class by Friday, September 8.

Bear in mind that you are taking this course under the guidelines of the Code of Student Conduct.

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