MATH 2065 Elementary Differential Equations Fall 1998

Course Information
Section:MATH 2065-1 Class Meets:M W F 8:40--9:30 in 102 Coates
Instructor:Dan Cohen Office Hours:M W F 9:40--10:30, and by appointment
Office:372 Lockett
Phone:388-1576 URL:
Text:Nagle & Saff, Fundamentals of Differential Equations, Fourth Edition
We will cover (portions of) chapters 1-6, 9, and 7 in the text (in this order).
The material on linear algebra in chapter 9 will be supplemented with handouts.

Course Description
This course is an introduction to differential equations. This subject is a tool you will undoubtably encounter and have occasion to use as you progress through your science and/or engineering courses. We will develop methods for solving (certain classes of) differential equations; develop an understanding of why these methods work; and discuss some applications.

Course Work