MATH 4039: Introduction to Topology

MATH 4039     Introduction to Topology     Spring 2014

  Section 1   Instructor: Dan Cohen   Phone: 578-1576
  T Th   noon - 1:20 pm  
  Office Hours:   T Th   10:30 am - noon  
                           and by appointment
  132 Lockett Hall   Office: 372 Lockett   URL:  

TextBeginning Topology, by Sue E. Goodman.   Errata sheet here
We will cover (portions of) Chapters 1-6.

Prerequisites:  MATH 4031 (Advanced Calculus I).

Catalog Description:  Examples and classification of two-dimensional manifolds, covering spaces, the Brouwer theorem, and other selected topics.

Midterm Exam:  There will an in-class midterm exam, worth 30% of the course grade. The exam will tentatively take place in the week of March 11. The exact exam date will be announced in class. No make-up exams, except in extreme cases. If you must miss the midterm exam, I will expect you to notify me before the exam takes place.

Homework:  Homework assignments will be announced in class and posted on the course web page.
Selected homework problems will be collected and graded. In total, the homework grade will be worth the same as the midterm exam (30% of the course grade).
While only certain homework problems will be collected, successful completion of all assigned homework will benefit performance on exams, as (modifications of) homework problems will likely appear on the midterm and final exams.

Final:  There will be a comprehensive final exam worth 40% of the course grade. The final exam is scheduled for Friday May 9, 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

Grade:   Your course grade will be based on the homework, midterm, and final outlined above. I may curve course grades. In any case, 90-100% is assured an A, 80-89% a B, and so on.

Notes:   In general, to stay on top of the material, it is important that you attend class, read the text, and do the homework regularly.
Calculators, computers, books, notes, etc. may not be used on the in-class exams or the final exam.
Bear in mind that you are taking this course under the guidelines of the Code of Student Conduct.

Important Dates:   January 24 is the last day to drop; January 27 is the last day to add; April 4 is the last day to withdraw;
Martin Luther King Day is January 20; Mardis Gras is March 2-4; Spring Break is April 14-20.

Dan Cohen   Spring 2014