Special Session

Arrangements and Related Topics

American Mathematical Society · National Meeting
New Orleans, LA
January 5-6, 2007

Organizers:  Dan Cohen   and  Anne Shepler

   Friday, January 5
Morning Session
8:00 Hal Schenck A spectral sequence stratification of cohomology jump loci
8:30 Sergey Yuzvinsky Upper bound on the number of split fibers in a pencil of curves
9:00 Michael Falk Resonant weights and critical loci of rational functions
9:30 Graham Denham Resonance: getting past H1
10:00 Alan Durfee Spaces of polynomial knots
10:30 Laurentiu Maxim Topological invariants of singular complex hypersurfaces
   Friday, January 5
Afternoon Session
2:15 Ruth Charney Hyperbolic Deligne complexes and Artin groups
2:45 Vincent Beck Relative Invariants: An Exterior Algebra
3:15 Harm Derksen A symmetric function generalization of the Tutte polynomial
3:45 Nathan Reading Lattice theory of the poset of regions, with applications to W-Catalan combinatorics
4:15 Aaron Abrams A problem about tilings of squares
4:45 Darren Tapp A result about Picard-Lefschetz monodromy
5:15 Masahiko Yoshinaga Logarithmic vector fields and truncated affine Weyl arrangements
5:45 Scott Crass Rational maps with the symmetries of complex reflection groups
   Saturday, January 6
Afternoon Session
1:00 Hiroaki Terao On the Heavyside functions of arrangements and the impossibility theorem by Kenneth Arrow
1:30 Michelle Wachs The 1 mod k partition poset and graph connectivity
2:00 Max Wakefield Degeneration varieties and Macaulay inverse systems
2:30 Constance Leidy Calculating the higher-order degrees
3:00 Benjamin Howard The space of n ordered points on the line is cut out by simple quadrics if n is not six
3:30 Stefan Tohaneanu Freeness of Line-Conic Arrangements in P2

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