Guoli Ding

Last Updated : August 10, 2016
Rank   :   Hubert Butts Professor of Mathematics
Degree :   Ph.D.- RUTCOR, Rutgers University, 1991 (advisor P.D. Seymour)
Office :   396 Lockett Hall
Address:   Department of Mathematics, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4918
Phone  :   225-578-1671
Fax    :   225-578-4276
E-mail :


This semester I am teaching Math 1550. Students of this class should go to Moodle to get class schedule, homework assignments, and your grades. MAA Students Page What Are Mathematicians



Relevant Links

LSU Combinatorics Group - people that I work with now. 
Institute of System Science, Academia Sinica, Beijing - where I received my MS degree.
SCGY, University of Science and Technology of China - where I received my BS degree.
Panjin, Liaoning Province, China - where I was born and grew up.

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