Guillermo Ferreyra

Department of Mathematics

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

H: (225) 769-3913

C: (225) 281-7769


June 30, 2012



Ph.D. in Mathematics, Rutgers University, 1983

Licenciado, Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina, 1977.


Administrative Positions

·         Associate Dean for Science Education, College of Science, Louisiana State University, 2012

·         Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Office of STEM, Louisiana Department of Education, July   2010-June 2012

·         Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Louisiana State University, July 2004 –June 2009

·         Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Louisiana State University, January – June  2004

·         Chair, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, July 2000 – December 2003


Academic Positions

·         Professor, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, 1996 – present

·         Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, 1989 – 1996

·         Research Assistant Professor, Brown University, 1986-1987

·         Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, 1983 --1989


Initiatives and Accomplishments at the Louisiana Department of Education (additional details at the bottom of this resume)

Increased the staff of the Office of STEM from four to twelve.

Authored or co-authored four extramural grants to support professional development for K-12 teachers, including Race to the Top, Gates Foundation Integration Grant, and Jason in Louisiana.

Produced a plan projected to accomplish the state critical goal on statewide 8th grade math student achievement by 2014. The percentage of students scoring Basic and Above in the math portion of the 8th grade LEAP test grew significantly in the two years that I served at the LDoE: 2012: +4%, 2011: +2%. Previously, the growth had been of just 1% in three years combined.


Initiatives and Accomplishments at LSU

Increased quality and diversity of the faculty

Expanded the number of tenure-track faculty

Created new joint faculty appointments: interdisciplinary and across colleges

Increased quality of students and improved advising procedures

Increased funding for research and faculty support and incentives

Created two new college positions: Director of Undergraduate Research and Associate Director of Communications and Development

Co-created with the 100 Black Men of Baton Rouge the ACT Academy for minority high school students

Added four new scholarly journals

Increased graduate stipends

Traveled three times as university delegate to Chinese universities in Nanjin, Shanghai and Beijing

Implemented the interdisciplinary China Initiative, including hosting two faculty from Tongji University, Shanghai, per year

Sponsored the Arts and Sciences Communication Studio

Facilitated a new group in Computational Mathematics

Created a new group in Materials Science (as Chair of the Mathematics Department)

Promoted K-12 outreach in Mathematics, English, Foreign Languages, and Social Studies

Fostered the creation and development of the Cain Center for Math and Science K-12 outreach

Led group getting an ROTC Language and Culture Project grant, a program of the Department of Defense administered by the Institute for International Education, to support the teaching of Arabic and Chinese for ROTC student-cadets

Created interdisciplinary concentrations in Secondary Education, Health Sciences, Studies in Organizations, Writing and Performing Arts, Studies in Social Issues, and Disaster Science Management

Implemented new pedagogical infrastructure for teaching Mathematics and English first and second level courses

Oversaw the moving of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department and its clinic to a renovated space

Oversaw the creation of the 220-seat Mathematics Computer Learning Labs and oversaw and funded the renovation of office space for Women's and Gender Studies, International Studies, and African and African American Studies

Oversaw the moving of two faculty from a university museum into the Geography and Anthropology Department


Fund-raising and College Grants and Contracts

Over $2,000,000 raised from private donors in 2008, with an additional $1,000,000 in State matching

Initiated the foundation of the Friends of Spanish (an alumni and friends donor group)

External grant awards of $6 to $9 million per year


Professional Service

Member of the External Committee of Evaluation of the Center for Research in Mathematics (CIMAT), Guanajuato, Mexico, 2004 – 2008

Louisiana Board of Examiners for Sanitarians

Organizer and host for SECAC and Tri-State A&S Deans’ Meetings

Panelist at Workshop for Math Chairs at the American Math Society Annual Meetings

Board of the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators (nonprofit offering alternative certification)



University Service

Deans’ Council

University Planning Council (the only dean in this council)

Enrollment Planning and Policy Committee

Comprehensive Academic Tracking Committee

Student Code of Conduct Committee

University College Reform Committee

Promotion and Tenure Policy Review Committee

Office of International Programs Director Search Committee

University Delegate for Chinese Universities

Provost Search Committee

Naming University Facilities Committee

Board of the LSU Rural Life Museum

Continuing Education Initiatives Committee

Tri-Dean Advisory Committee for Cain Center for Math & Science Literacy

Member of the University Planning Review of the Department of Finance

Designed the first matrix for assessment of Mathematics programs in 2002

Member of the Academic Standards and Honors Committee of LSU, 1992-1994.

Member of the Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate, 1992-1994, and vice president in 1992-1993

Member of the Campus Advisory Board of the Academic Center for Student-Athletes (2001)

Member of the LSU Retention Committee (2002)

Member of the Core Information Technology Meta-committee of the Center for Computation and Technology at LSU



Edited books

Evolution Equations, edited jointly with G. Goldstein and F. Neubrander, Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics, 168, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1994.

Differential Geometry and Control, edited jointly with R. Gardner, H. Hermes, and H. Sussmann, Proc. Symposia Pure Mathematics, 64, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 1999.


Journal Papers

A One-Dimensional Deterministic Free Boundary Problem, (with J. Pascal), Divulg. Mat. 10 (2002), No. 2, pp. 101-129.

Piecewise C^2 Viscosity Solutions for Stochastic Singular Control, (with J. R. Dorroh and J. Pascal), Divulg. Mat. 9 (2001), No. 2, pp. 181-188.

Comparison of Stochastic Volterra Equations, (with P. Sundar), Bernoulli, 6 (2000), No. 6, pp. 1001-1006.

Comparison of Solutions of Stochastic Equations and Applications, Stochastic Analysis and Applications, 18 (2000), No. 2, pp. 211-229.

Control Optimo Determinista Via Programacion Dinamica, (with J. Pascal) (in Spanish with English abstract), Divulg. Mat.7 (1999), No. 2, pp. 167-185.

A Technique for Stochastic Control Problems with Unbounded Control Set, (with J. R. Dorroh and P. Sundar), Journal of Theoretical Probability, 12 (1999) pp. 255-270.

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On the Degenerate Partial Differential Equations of Stochastic Nonlinear Filtering, Communications in P.D.E., 10(6), (1985), pp. 555-634.


Refereed Proceedings Papers

Pathwise Comparison of Arithmetic Brownian Motions and Log-normal Processes", (with P. Sundar), Stochastic Analysis, Control, Optimization and Applications: A Volume in Honor of W.H. Fleming, W.M. McEneaney, G. Yin, and Q. Zhang (Eds.), in Systems \& Control: Foundations & Applications series, Birkhauser, Boston, 1999, pp. 541-546.

Stochastic Control Problems with Unbounded Control Set, (with J. R. Dorroh and P. Sundar) Proceedings of the IEEE SOUTHEASTCON '96, Tampa, April 1996.

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Robust Nonlinear Filtering for a Problem with Unbounded Signal, (with H. J. Sussmann), Proc. of the 20th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, vol.1, San Diego, California, Dec. 1981.         


Major advisor for five Ph.Ds

Richard Edie, (1994), employed at Logistic Services International (Jacksonville, FL).

Jesus Pascal, (1998), Dean College of Arts and Sciences, Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Angel Cruz Delgado, (2000), Assoc. Prof., University of Puerto Rico.

Jamiiru Luttamaguzzi, (2002), Asst. Prof. Dept of Math. and Comp. Sci., Elizabeth City State Univ., NC.

Fabiana Cardetti, (2002), Assist Prof., University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Other teaching activities:

Undergraduate Honors thesis advisor for Carol San Soucie, who later went on to complete a Ph.D in Math at Rice Univ. Currently at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

REU advisor for three students working on an interdisciplinary summer project. Mentor for one Math MS student.

Developed curriculum and Math. courses for a Master of Science in Mathematics with a Minor in Finance.

Led a project provided by Hibernia Bank for the Mathematics Consultation Clinic. Creditor data was provided to the class with the goal of assessing the risk of the loan portfolio of the bank.


Minority Recruiting and Mentoring in Mathematics. One of four CoPIs., 2008-2010, BoR Enhancement grant, $150,000.

An REU Site for Environmental Research Experiences for SMET Minority Students in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, Frank Cartledge (PI). One of several faculty mentors. 2003-2006, NSF, $342,666.

Interdisciplinary Education, Outreach and Research in Control theory at LSU, BoR Enhancement grant, P. Wolenski, (PI). One of four CoPIs. $103,000.

Modeling trophic interactions and contaminant transfer in the Black Bayou Lake food web. One of 5 Co-PIs. 2002. Funded under BRIN (a grant from NIH to the Biology Department). $80,000.

1997 Amer. Math. Soc. Summer Research Institute (with Henry Hermes, Univ. of Colorado, Robert Gardner, Univ. of North Carolina, and Hector Sussmann, Rutgers Univ.), NSF, $125,000.

The interdisciplinary mentoring project Research Apprenticeship, Community Service and Academic Enhancement Training for LSU Engineering and Mathematics Students, with four Co PI's from Engineering. Initial NSF funding of $176,000 for 2000-2002 received additional funding for 2002-2004. My participation in this project was of around 20% of the funding. In the first year alone, seven economically disadvantaged undergraduate students in Mathematics received $2,500 scholarships as a result of this grant.

The Cauchy Problem for Higher Order Degenerate Parabolic Equations. Council on Research at LSU, 1984. $4,000.

Issues in Nonlinear Filtering. N.S.F. sponsored Institute for Math. and its Applications, University of Minnesota, 1988. Awarded $5,000.

Research on Stochastic Differential Equations.Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University.Awarded salary for summer 1987.

Group Representation Theory, Differential Equations, and Probability. Group grant with 8 principal investigators, 1987-91. Funded by EPSCoR/NSF/LEQSF. $262,000.

NSF/CBMS Regional Conference in the Mathematical Sciences (with Jimmie Lawson),       awarded $25,443, Conference held at LSU in May 1991.

The Mathematics of Control Theory (with Jimmie Lawson), Board of Regents Enhancement grant for 1990-92, awarded $7,500.

Enhancement of the Master of Science Degree Program in Finance with the Minor in Mathematics (with William Lane, Finance), for 1996-1998, $25,150 awarded by LEQSF.



Description of activities and accomplishments at the Louisiana Department of Education July 2010-June2012


I held the position of Deputy Superintendent of the Office of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at the Louisiana Department of Education for the period July 2010-June 2012. This position was created in July 2010 as a result of a reorganization of the LDoE. The Office of STEM had four staff members and two grants when it was initiated. By early 2012 the office had eleven staff members and was funded by five extramural grants besides State funding.


The Office of STEM was charged with advancing K-12 student achievement in STEM areas.  Our staff both designed and provided support to low achieving schools through Professional Development for Louisiana teachers, school and district leaders, or we contracted with outside providers as needs arose and funding permitted. Our office applied for grant funding and provided support to districts and schools as they applied for grants to fund professional development initiatives. We had initiatives funded by the State 8(g) BESE Fund, by federal agencies, and by private Foundations.

With the aim of focusing our work on achieving student outcomes, the Office of STEM supported the nine Louisiana Critical Goals for student achievement, but specifically Goal #5: Students perform at or above grade level (Basic and above) in math by eighth grade on the LEAP assessment.  Our office had initiatives impacting several hundred schools across the State and aggressively planned for the implementation of the new Common Core State Standards in Mathematics in K-12 schools by Fall 2014. These new standards will be common to most states in the US and are based on international standards. They include substantial upgrades in content for each grade over the current Louisiana curriculum and promote fundamental changes in pedagogy for the classroom and in assessment techniques. The Office of STEM fulfilled other tasks as required by the State Superintendent of Education.



·         Jason Program in Louisiana provided professional development for 120 middle school science teachers. Guillermo Ferreyra wrote the proposal (GF would be considered the PI in a university setting). $115,000 awarded by the Louisiana Division of Administration to the Louisiana Department of Education for 2011-2013.

·         Math and Science Partnerships are formula funding grants from the US Department of Education to the Louisiana Department of Education to establish partnerships between higher-education institutions and local school districts to provide high quality professional development for in-service teachers. The focus in 2011 was 5th grade math, 5th grade Science, and 8th grade math. $3.2 million was available for FY2012. PI: Jean May-Brett (staff member of the Office of STEM).

·         Louisiana Integration Grant. Guillermo Ferreyra, who would be considered a co-PI in a university setting, managed the math portion of this grant that provides professional development to 8th, 9th and 10th grade math teachers focusing on the Formative Assessments to prepare classrooms for the Common Core State Standards. Estimated value of the math portion of this grant is $500,000 per year. It was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

·         Race to the Top. This three-year grant from the US Department of Education to the Louisiana Department of Education is to promote K-12 education reform and education with a focus on STEM areas. GF, who would be considered a co-PI in a university setting, is responsible for the portion of the grant promoting STEM educational programs in Louisiana. This portion of the grant is valued at approximately at $300,000 per year.

·         STEM Initiatives are funded through a BESE 8(g) grant to the Office of STEM to provide professional development services in STEM areas to teachers, school and district leaders. $400,000 for FY 2011 was awarded.

Presentations and Participation, as Deputy Superintendent of the Office of STEM, at Workshops and Conferences for Jul. 2010-Jun. 2012


Conference/Workshop presentations

·         Office of STEM Priorities, Cabinet Retreat of the Louisiana Department of Education, Aug. 22-24, 2010, Cypress Point, LA.

·         Office of STEM Functions, Leadership Summit for Superintendents, Sept 29-Oct 1, 2010, Lake Charles, LA.

·         The Office of STEM Initiatives, Annual meeting of the Louisiana Consortium of Math Supervisors, Jan. 21, 2011, Alexandria, LA.

·         Linking Good Intentions to Effective Outcomes, Meeting of New School Board Members, ,Jan. 2011, Baton Rouge.

·         The Common Core State Standards, Meeting of the deans of the Louisiana Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, Jan 12, 2011, Baton Rouge, LA.

·         The High School Readiness Program, March 2011, Bossier, LA; repeated on Apr. 15, 2011; June 9, 2011, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA.

·         Webinar: RFA for the Louisiana Integration Grant from the Gates Foundation, May 2011.

·         Teacher Based Professional Development Budgeting, BESE Retreat, Aug. 2011, Baton Rouge, LA.

·         The Projects Supported by the Louisiana Integration Grant, presentation for leaders of five Louisiana Integration Districts, Aug. 2011

·         Presentation at the annual meeting of the Louisiana Charter School Leaders, Oct. 2011, New Orleans, LA.

·         K-12 STEM Programs, Presentation at the Louisiana School Boards Association, Nov. 7, 2011, Baton Rouge, LA.

·         Organized and delivered at Gates Math Cohort Initial Meeting, a one-day workshop for 60 educators, Jefferson Parish School Board, Nov. 11, 2011, Metairie, LA.


Conference/Workshop participation

·         The Disney Leadership Program, LSU, August 2010.

·         Superintendents Solutions Summit, Jan. 2011, Washington, DC.

·         Formative Assessment for Common Core Readiness, University of Delaware, Feb. 1-2, 2011.

·         State Leaders’ Forum sponsored by SREB and the State Consortium for Improving High Schools and Middle Grades Schools. Nov. 3 – 4, 2011, Jacksonville, Florida.

·         Cross-State Learning Collaborative, a workshop sponsored by the Gates Foundation for Louisiana, Kentucky, and Colorado educators, Feb. 22-24, 2012, Denver, Colorado.

·         Math Solutions/Gates Foundation workshop on the Math Shell Tasks for Louisiana math teachers and leaders, Jan. 18-20, 2012.

·         Math Solutions/Gates Foundation workshop on the Math Shell Tasks for Colorado math teachers and leaders, Feb. 6-8, 2012, Denver, Colorado.

·         Annual Meeting of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, Apr. 23-25, 2012, Philadelphia, PA.