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Office Hours: Mondays, Wednsdays and Thursdays 2-3 or by appointment

Math 7520:Topology II (Homology) meets 12:30- 1:20 MWF in 232 Lockett Hall.

Here is some information about my past and current Phd. students


Here is my research publication list.

Since 1995 I have posted my preprints on the Mathematics ArXiv. The published versions of these papers contain subsequent changes not reflected in the preprints.

Here is a PDF file of a mathematica notebook which extends a list of 3-manifolds with small Frohman Kania-Bartoszynska ideals in the paper.

In 2001, I received the G. de B. Robinson Award of the Canadian Mathematical Society for the publication: "Topological Quantum Field Theory And Strong Shift Equivalence", Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 42 (1999), 190-197

Here is a recent paper: "An application of TQFT to modular representation theory" by Patrick M. Gilmer and Gregor Masbaum, Invent. math. (2017) 210: 510-530

Here is my Google scholar page.


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