Graduate Students of Patrick Gilmer

Daniel Silver (Yale University 1980):
University Of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama

Publications derived from thesis:

Stephen Paris(LSU May 1995)
Coordinator of the Actuarial Science Program at Florida State University in the Mathematics Department.

Publications derived from thesis:

Basinyi Chimitza/Chimidza (LSU August 1995)
University Of Botswana
Gaborone, Botswana

Publication derived from thesis:

Wayne Stevens (LSU August 1996)
First position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University Hammond, Louisiana

Publications derived from thesis:

An unpublished paper from thesis:

Jianyuan Zhong (LSU August 2000)
Professor at California State University-Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.

Publications derived from thesis:

John M. Harris (LSU August 2003)
Associate Professor
University of Southern Mississippi-Gulfcoast

Thesis :"The Kauffman bracket skein module of the quaternionic manifold"

Publications derived from thesis:

Khaled Qazaqzeh(LSU August 2006)
Associate Professor
Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

Thesis :"Topics in Quantum Topology"

Publications derived from thesis:

Xuanting Cai (LSU May 2013)
Google Inc. (May 2013); Moved to Alibaba, Hangzhou, China (July 2017)

Thesis :"Skein Theory And Topological Quantum Field Theory"

Publications derived from thesis:

Xuanye Wang (LSU August 2013)
He entered the Ph.D. program in Economics at UT Austin.

Thesis :"Extra Structures on Three-Dimensional Cobodisms"

A publication resulting from work on thesis:

Susan Abernathy (LSU August 2014)
Tenure track Assistant Professor at Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX.

Thesis :"Obstructions to Embedding Genus-1 Tangles in Links"

Publications resulting from work on thesis:

Andrew Holmes (LSU May 2017)
Martin Marietta (May 2017)

Thesis :"On the Skein Theory of 0-framed Surgery Along the Trefoil Knot"

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