Ignat Soroko

Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4918

Office: 140 Lockett Hall
Email: ignatsoroko@lsu.edu

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Mathematics at Louisiana State University working with Pallavi Dani. I received Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma in May 2018 under the supervision of Noel Brady.

Research interests:

Geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology, with emphasis on right-angled Artin groups, free-by-cyclic groups, CAT(0) cube complexes, Dehn functions of groups and stable commutator length. I also have an ongoing interest in mapping class groups, profinite groups and criteria for linearity.

Curriculum vitae


Published papers and preprints:

  1. Realizable ranks of joins and intersections of subgroups in free groups. arXiv:1901.04463
    We describe the locus of possible ranks ( rk (H v K), rk(H\cap K) ) for any given subgroups H, K of a free group. In particular, we prove the remaining open case (m=4) of R.Guzman's ``Group-Theoretic Conjecture'' conjecture.

  2. Uncountably many quasi-isometry classes of groups of type FP. (with R. Kropholler and I. Leary) arXiv:1712.05826. Accepted in the American Journal of Mathematics.
    We prove that among I. Leary's groups of type FP there exist uncountably many non-quasi-isometric ones. We also prove that for each n>3 there exist uncountably many quasi-isometry classes of non-finitely presented n-dimensional Poincare duality groups. Slides from the talk at the University of Bielefeld.

  3. Genus bounds in right-angled Artin groups. (with M. Forester and J. Tao) arXiv:1710.10542. Accepted in Publicacions Matemàtiques.
    We generalize Culler's proof for the lower bound for the stable commutator length in free groups to the case of right-angled Artin groups. Slides from the talk at the University of Auburn.

  4. Dehn functions of subgroups of right-angled Artin groups. (with N. Brady) Geometriae Dedicata (2018).
    We show that polynomials of arbitrary integer degree are realizable as Dehn functions of subgroups in right-angled Artin groups.

Other texts:


In Spring 2019 I am not teaching. In Fall 2018 I was teaching Math 1550 section 37, Calculus and Analytic Geometry

Previous teaching in the University of Oklahoma:


My wife Hayat Hokayem is an Associate Professor at the College of Education in Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX.
Our son Vikenty (born in August 2014): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Our son Nikolai (born in June 2017): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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