Teaching Style

Encouragement and engagement are pivotal to my teaching. By getting my students involved and creating a comforting learning environment, we focus as a class on the positive facets of math. With positive reinforcement, the challenging aspect of math can give students a sense of accomplishment rather than just frustration. For more of my thoughts on teaching, take a look at my statement.

Current and Past Classes at LSU

Math 2090 - Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (Fall 2018)
Introduced various techniques to ordinary differential equations and concepts from linear algebra such as vector spaces, linear transformations, bases, and eigenvectors. The class uses these concepts in studying linear differential equations of order n and also vector diffential equations.
Math 1552 - Calculus II (Fall 2017)
Covered topics such as integration by parts, trigonometric substitution, parametric equations, polar coordinates, infinite series, vectors in low dimensions. The class also introduces differential equations and partial derivatives.
Math 1550 - Calculus I (Fall 2016)
An introduction to calculus covering limits, continuity, derivatives, integrals, and the fundamental theorem of calculus.
Math 1022 - College Trigonometry (Spring 2015)
Math 1021 - College Algebra (Fall 2014 )
Math 1431 - Business Calculus Lab Teaching Assistant (Spring 2014, Fall 2013)