These are links to materials (mini-lessons and manipulative masters) designed for use by LSU Service-Learning students and VIPS adult volunteers tutoring math in public elementary schools. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. More will be added soon.

Mini-lessons and Activities

Early Number Sense and Counting
Understanding Addition/Subtraction with Word Problems
Understanding Multiplication/Division with Word Problems
Mastering the Basic Facts
Learning Addition Facts
Learning Subtraction Facts
Learning Multiplication and Division Facts
Place Value for Larger Numbers
Adding Larger Numbers
Subtracting Larger Numbers
More on Word Problems

Manipulative Masters

0-99 chart
Blank and Pre-made Ten-frames
Dots cards and Dominoes
Base-Ten Pieces and Organizational Chart
Basic Facts Bingo Rules and Masters
Missing Parts Activities
Graph and Dot Paper Masters
Addition/Subtraction Word Problem Examples
Multiplication/Division Word Problem Examples

Stephanie Kurtz