4031 Spring 2018

Here is the syllabus, and links to the free e-book and errata.
The grader for the course is Vishwa Dewage.

Checking your grade

I am not using Moodle. I have my own program, Noodle, which lets you check that I've recorded your grades correctly. To log in to Noodle, you need a login name, which is your myLSU username, and a password, which is initially your student ID. You will be required to change it the first time you log in.

Graded homework assignments

Note: the individual problems are numbered because your grades for each problem are recorded individually in Noodle. Mostly these are exercises in the text; For example, 1.3 refers to the problem in the exercises for section 1.1 on page 7.
Each assignment must be handed in on the due date in class. No late assignments will be accepted.

All homework assignments, to be turned in or not.

Test solutions.

Originally, I intended to post answers to the short questions only. As of test 2, I decided to include proofs as well. These are examples of correct proofs, but not the only, or necessarily the best. The solutions for test1 have been updated accordingly