Calculus II Math 1552: Section 17

Spring 2016

Time and Room

TWTF 1:30-2:20pm, Lockett Hall 116


Calculus, Early Transcendentals 7th Edition by James Stewart

Course Content

Chapter 7, 10-13, and Section 14.3


Professor Ling Long


Lockett Hall 256





Office Hours

T&Th  2:30-3:20pm, W&F 11:30a.m.-12:20p.m. (or by appointment)


Course Description:


This course is a four (4) hour second calculus course designed for math, science and engineering majors and certain other technical majors. It satisfies four hours of the General Education Analytical Reasoning requirement because it includes the following area learning objective: “LSU graduates will employ scientific and mathematical models in the resolution of laboratory and real-world problems.”


As a 4-credit course, students are expected to have eight hours of coursework outside of class

per week, for a minimum time commitment of 12 hours per week.


Exam Schedule:

Exam 1

Friday February 5

Exam 2

Friday March 11

Exam 3

Friday April 8

Final Exam

Thursday May 5 (3p.m.-5p.m., in our usual classroom)





Test I (50 min)

Test II (50 min)

Test III (50 min)

Final Exam (120 min)

10 %

20 %

20 %

20 %

30 %





Grading Scale:
































We will be using WebAssign to do online homework. A WebAssign access code is included with your textbook, or you can purchase access directly from the WebAssign website without buying a book at all. Access to WebAssign also gives you access to the e-book version of our textbook, so if you like using e-books then there is no need to buy a physical textbook. An access code may also be purchased without a textbook at campus bookstores with a small markup in price. If you plan to take calculus at LSU next semester as well, you should buy the multi-semester (“Lifetime of the Edition”) version of access.

In either case, create a WebAssign account by going to and clicking onthe link labelled “I have a class key.” The key for our class is lsu 6253 2947. In the field that asks for your student ID, enter your LSU ID number (89....) without any hyphens or spaces. The student ID number is needed to transfer your scores into the Moodle gradebook.


Calculators and Collaboration:


You can use any technology available to help with homework, and you may collaborate with others while doing them. However on exams you may only use a scientific calculator that does not do any graphs or symbolic manipulation, such as solving equations and symbolically calculating derivatives and integrals. Also, work on in-class exams must be your own work with no assistance from anyone else. During an exam, attempts to look at other students' exams and the use of crib sheets or formula sheets will be considered to be a violation of the LSU Code of Student Conduct and will be reported to the Dean of Student's Office.


Homework will be assigned and be completed through WebAssign The questions in the tests and final exam will be similar to those homework problems. Students are recommended to work out a complete solution for each homework assignment on paper before typing in the answer in WebAssign. Students may work in groups on the homework, but each student should write up his/her own solutions on paper.


Tests and Exam:

No books or notes are permitted. No make-up exams will be given unless a compelling documented excuse is presented. Your lowest hour test score will be replaced by your final exam score if it is higher.

Attendance and class preparation:

Regular attendance is required for this course. You should make every effort not to miss any classes and complete all the homework in a timely fashion. It is your responsibility to catch up with missed lectures. You are responsible for the announcements made in class, which may include changes to the syllabus.

Disability Policy:

Please address any special needs or special accommodations with me at the beginning of the semester or as soon as you become aware of your needs. Those seeking accommodations based on disabilities should obtain forms from the Disability Services (DS) is located in room 115 of Johnston Hall (225-578-5919).


Extra Help:

·      A Five-Step Plan for Grade Improvement

·      CAS Tutoring Center: Free tutoring service is available in 141B Middleton Library. No appointment is necessary. Check the website for opening hours.

·      Private Tutoring: A current list of available private tutors each semester is available in the Math Department at 303 Lockett Hall, and the CAS website