Last Updated: February 17, 2007
Conference on Ordered Rings, Baton Rouge 2007 ("Ord07")

Touristic opportunities in or near Louisiana

Baton Rouge

  1. Alligator Bayou swamp tours
  2. Rural Life Museum
  3. Louisiana State Capital building. The tallest state capital in the U.S.A.
  4. USS Kidd. Naval museum on board old battleship.
  5. Old Louisiana Governor's Mansion
  6. Old Louisiana State Capitol building
  7. LSU

New Orleans (130 km southeast of B.R. via Interstate Route 10)

  1. French Quarter
  2. Mississippi River Boat
  3. Audubon Zoo
  4. Aquarium of the Americas
  5. Jazz festival, April 27-29 & May 4-6

Avery Island two hours' drive, southwest of Baton Rouge

  1. Jungle Gardens and Bird City (alligators, azaleas, giant Buddha in an algae covered pont, bird sanctuary)
  2. The world's only Tabasco Pepper Sauce factory.
  3. Cajun (= "Acadian") Country. The Acadians were the world's first "boat people"; they were people of French descent who lived in Nova Scotia ("L'Acadie"), Canada, from, perhaps, the 1500's, until the British abruptly kicked them out in 1755; many of them settled in western Louisiana, in what is now the City of Lafayette, 90 km west of B.R. (via Route 10), and down to the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. Festival International de Louisiane, April 25-29, 2007.

Other Louisiana

  1. Antebellum (= pre-Civil War) cotton plantations. Houmas House (45 minutes by car from Baton Rouge) has an excellent restaurant. Consider also Oak Alley, Laura Plantation. There are a dozen or so such plantations in Louisiana (and more in other states).
  2. Tickfaw State Park 60 km east of Baton Rouge. Canoeing, hiking. (There are other state parks, too; but no national parks in Louisiana.)

Mobile, Alabama (on the Gulf of Mexico, 320 km east of B.R., via Route 10)

  1. Bellingrath Gardens
  2. Then perhaps drive on a little farther to the first beaches in western Florida; then return. There are also some beaches in Mississippi and Alabama (between Louisiana and Florida); Louisiana, by contrast, has few, if any, beaches; mainly just coastal marshes.