Karl Mahlburg

(Former) Associate Professor, 2011—21
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University

e-mail: [lastname] (at) math (dot) lsu (dot) edu



See Curriculum Vitae page for archived teaching materials.

2011 – 2019 Undergraduate Problem-Solving Seminar  

From 2011 – 2019 I was the faculty organizer for undergraduate mathematics competitions at LSU, including the Putnam Competition and Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest. These pages contain information about the Problem-Solving Seminar, large collections of practice problems (more than 900 in all!), and other resources, as well as LSU's historical performance.

Selected Publications and preprints   (Link to complete Publications page)

Ten notable publications:

 (Google Scholar profile;  Author link on the arXiv)

See Publications page for full list of 41 refereed journal publications and 0 preprint(s), as well as other writing.


Advising and Students

My research included projects in Partitions, Basic Hypergeometric Series, Modular Forms, Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Probability. The following webpages for previous Graduate Topics Courses contain many useful references and lengthy collections of in-depth homework problems.

Class Field Theory

Fall 2019

Algebraic Number Theory

Fall 2018

Partitions and Hypergeometric q-series

Spring 2017

Analytic Number Theory

Spring 2018  Spring 2014

Modular Forms and Elliptic Curves

Spring 2013

Former Graduate Students:


Curriculum Vitae

(Updated 2019) The link above is an abridged .html version. A .pdf copy of full CV is available on request.

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