Karl Mahlburg


Associate Professor

320 Lockett Hall
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Office Phone: (225) 578-1609

e-mail: mahlburg (at) math (dot) lsu (dot) edu



Last Spring I received two university-wide awards for teaching, mentoring, and advising (ceremony):


1. LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award
2. Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Award


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Current Teaching

Fall 2018:

See Curriculum Vitae page for archived teaching.

Undergraduate Problem-Solving Seminar and MATH 3903

Click above for information on undergraduate mathematics competitions at LSU, including the Putnam Competition and Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest. Here you can find important dates, information about the Problem-Solving Seminar (held Wednesday evenings each Fall semester), large collections of sample practice problems (more than 700 in all!), and other resources, as well as LSU's historical performance. Students can earn credit for the Problem-Solving Seminar by enrolling in MATH 3903 (2 Credit Hours, Pass/Fail).  

Recent Publications and preprints

The following is a list of publications, submitted articles, and preprints from (approximately) the past 2 years (Updated Oct. 2018):

 (Google Scholar profile; Author link on the arXiv)

See Publications page for full list of 35 refereed publications and 3 preprint(s).


Advising and Students

My research has included projects in Partitions, Basic Hypergeometric Series, Modular Forms, Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Probability. For prospective students who might be interested in working with me, one of the best ways to prepare is to review the material from the Graduate Topics Courses that I have previously taught:

Algebraic Number Theory

Fall 2018

Partitions and Hypergeometric q-series

Fall 2017

Analytic Number Theory

Spring 2018  Spring 2014.

Modular Forms and Elliptic Curves

Spring 2013

Current Graduate Students:

Former Graduate Student:


Curriculum Vitae


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