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Obedience training for for dogs!

  • This is a link to my Wife's, Monika Kuss, obedience class. She teaches beginner and advanced classes. Individual training is also possible. To guarantee personal care, the maximum size of each class will is 10 dogs. Contact All dogs llc by e-mail at

  • Great Panorama Pictures from Iceland!

    My brother, Ottar Olafsson, has posted some great panorama pictures from Iceland on his web-page: Take a look at it and you will love it. More pictures are posted on his other web-page

    Some photos

  • You can down-load some pictures here.
  • Harmonic Analysis on the web

  • The LSU Harmonic Analysis page.
  • T. Tao's harmonic analysis web-page. This is a great page to find information on harmonic analysis, including conferences.
  • The Department of Mathematics at LSU

    The American Mathematical Society

    Mathematical Publications on the Web
    -AMS list of Institute and Department Servers

    American Mathematical Society TeX Resources Home Page

    The European Mathematical Information Service
    -Offered by the European Mathematical Society (EMS)

    Mathematical links at the KdV-institute in the Netherlands

    Printed Journals containing Mathematics (AMS)

    The Electronic Library of Mathematics

    Information on People in Mathematics

    The NSF-Homepage

    The Mittag-Leffler Institute

    Yahoo Science/Mathematics

    The Icelandic Mathematical Society (in Icelandic)

    Daily news from Iceland

    Icelandic Recipes (Have you had an Icelandic Dinner?)

    Information on Iceland

    The Official Baton Rouge Home Page

    State Parks in Louisiana