Math 4032
Advanced Calculus II
T-Th, 12:00-1:20, 0218 Stubbs
INSTRUCTOR Gestur Olafsson
Office 322 Lockett
Office Hours T 11:00-12:00, TH 1:30-2:30, and by request, best using email
Phone 578-1608 and 225-337-2206 (cell)
Grader Robert P. Viator,
Text: Advanced Calculus; An Introduction to Linear Analysis by L. F. Richardson.
Prerequisites: Math 4031, Advanced Calculus I.


This is a continuation of Math 4031 and we expect that all students are familiar with the material from that course. We use the same book as was used in Math 4031. We will do most of the material in Chapters 4, 5, and 6. This includes material on:

  1. The derivative and its properties.
  2. The fundamental theorem of calculus.
  3. Sequences/limits of function sequences and the differentiation. Uniform convergence.
  4. Infinite series.
  5. Convergence, the Weierstrass M-test.
  6. Power series and real analytic functions
  7. Some material from Section 6. This will depend on how much time we have left.

I welcome any comments from students about topics to discuss in class, so please take a look at the book or any another book and let me know if there is something special that you would like to have covered or discussed in class.

Students are asked not to use their cell phone during the class. I do not want to see any cell phones during tests. Students are asked to arrive on time and not to leave before the class is over. Respect the other students!

Homework and Tests

There will be homework and two tests. For the dates of the tests see important dates bellow. The exact number of homework and distribution on points will be given later as soon as we know if we have a grader or not.

  1. Each of the tests during the semester will count 150 points. Together that gives 300 points.
  2. The final counts 200 Points.
  3. Homework will be collected every Thursday, except the first day in class, the days where there is an exam and Thursday, April 28. Each set of homework is 15 points. Eight highest scores will count towards the final grade.
  4. The total number of points is 640.

Important dates

  1. Classes start Wednesday, January 13
  2. Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 18
  3. Mardi Gras break Feb. 8 to 12:30 on Wednesday, Feb. 10
  4. February 25, first test in class
  5. Midterm grades due March 7
  6. Spring break is during the week March 20-27. Classes start again on March 28
  7. The second test in class is Thursday, April 14
  8. The final takes place in the usual classroom on Wednesday, May 4, from 12:30-2:30


  1. 100% to 97% A+
  2. 96.99-93%% A
  3. 92.99-90% A-
  4. 89.99% to 87% B+
  5. 86.99-83%% B
  6. 82.99-80% B-
  7. 79.99% to 77% C+
  8. 76.99-73%% C
  9. 72.99-70% C-
  10. 69.99% to 67% D+
  11. 66.99-63%% D
  12. 62.99-60% D-
  13. <60% F