Math 7350-1

Complex Analysis
T-Th : 10:30-11:50 AM, 129 Allen
INSTRUCTOR Gestur Olafsson
Office 322 Lockett
Office Hours Tuesday and Thursday 12:10 PM -- 1:00, and by request
Phone 578-1608 and 225-337-2206 (cell)
e-mail olafsson(at)
Text: Complex Analysis in One Variable, Second Edition by R. Narasimhan and Y. Nievergelt


This class is a first graduate level course on complex analysis. It is expected that all students know the basic undergraduate complex analysis material. This includes

  • Definition of holomorphic function
  • Integrating over simple curves like a circle or the boundary of a rectangle
  • The Cauchy-Riemann equation
  • The Cauchy integral formula and the Cauchy integral theorem
  • Analytic functions
  • Definition of meromorphic functions and their properties

This material is covered in the first chapter of the book. We will review this material but rather quickly at the beginning of class. How much we will cover from the book depends on how fast we can move on.

Students are also welcome to propose topics that they would like to see covered, be it in the book or not. If there is enough interest, then we will try to find time to discuss the material.

Students are asked not to use their cell phone during the class. I do not want to see any cell phones during tests. Students are asked to arrive on time and not to leave before the class is over. Respect the other students!

Each student is responsible for ensuring that he or she has access to and functioning LSU email address and Moodle account. Email will only be sent to leu-email addresses. Important class information and grades will be posted on Moodle.

Homework and Tests

A total of 10 homework will be collected. That makes it around one set of homework every week.

There will be two take-home tests, one due Thursday, October 12 and one final, due Tuesday, December 5.


  • Each homework set 15 points. Total 150 points.
  • Tests: First take-home 100.
  • Final take-home exam: 200.
  • Total points: 450.

A+ 435 - 450
A 420<435
A- 405<420
B+ 390<405
B 375<390
B- 360<375
C+ 345 < 360
C 330<345
C- 315<330
D+ 300<315
D 285<300
D- 270<285
F <270

Important dates

  1. Classes start: August 21. Our first class is August 22.
  2. September 4, Labor day. No classes.
  3. First take-home test due October 12
  4. Midterm grades due October 17.
  5. Fall holidays start Thursday October 19, no class.
  6. Thanksgiving break starts Wednesday, November 22.
  7. Last day of our class, November 30.
  8. Final take-home test due December 5