Math 7390

Lie Groups and Representations
T-TH 10:40-12:00, Lockett 111
INSTRUCTOR Gestur Olafsson
Office 322 Lockett
Office Hours T-TH 1:30 --2:30 PM and by request
Phone 578-1608 and 225-337-2206 (cell)
Text: Lecture notes, see more information at the end.

Lie groups and their representations are central in several areas of mathematics. This includes algebra, analysis, and parts of geometry and physics. In this course we will mainly aim at some basic facts about Lie groups and geometric actions of Lie groups. The course will approximately be structured as follows:

  1. Simple facts about manifolds.
  2. Lie groups.
  3. Basic representation theory.
  4. Representations of compact groups.
  5. Examples of linear groups.
  6. The Lie algebra of Linear groups and the exponential map.
  7. Homogeneous spaces.
  8. Homogeneous vector bundles.
  9. Continuous implies smooth/analytic.
  10. Square-integrable sections and induced representations.
  11. Representations of compact Lie groups. Decomposition of induced representations. Fourier series on compact symmetric spaces.
  12. If there is time then we will also discuss the very important topic of highest weight representations.

We will mainly deal with linear Lie groups to avoid time-consuming discussion about the exponential map. But we will also give some comment on the general case.

There will be graded home works every second or third week. There will be one mid-term take home test due beginning of class October 15. There will be a take home final, due 1:30 pm on December 10. The final can be replaced by a presentation in class.

We will not be using a single book, but our own lecture notes. I will try to post as much of my own notes as possible. But here are some (in no particular ordering) interesting and good books related to what we will be doing:

Some great advanced book: