The workshop "Algebraic Groups, Quantum Groups and Geometry" in the Southeastern Lie Theory series was held at the University of Virginia, May 24-27, 2016. The conference was supported by the National Science Foundation and the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (UVA). May 26th was be a special day in recognition of the work of Brian Parshall.

The workshop featured minicourses and talks by:

Minicourses by:
  • Pramod Achar (LSU)
Discussion sections lead by:
  • Laura Rider (MIT)

  • Geordie Williamson (Sydney/MPI)

Talks by:
  • Huanchen Bao (Maryland)
  • Jonathan Brundan (Oregon)
  • Jon Carlson (UGA)
  • Christopher Drupieski (DePaul)
  • Jie Du (UNSW)
  • Eric Friedlander (USC)

  • Stefan Kolb (Newcastle)
  • George Lusztig (MIT)
  • Jennifer Morse (Drexel)
  • Daniel Nakano (UGA)
  • Peng Shan (Paris-Sud)
  • Jian-pan Wang (ECNU)
Conference Organizers:
  • Terrell Hodge (WMU)
  • Leonard Scott (UVA)
  • Weiqiang Wang (UVA)
  • Ben Webster (UVA)
SE Lie Theory Organizers:
  • Kailash C. Misra (NCSU)
  • Daniel Nakano (UGA)
  • Brian Parshall (UVA)
  • Weiqiang Wang (UVA)

If you have any questions, email Ben Webster at