Student Presentations in 18.024-ESG, Spring 2000

18 Feb.: A. Enevoldsen, A classical theorem of Euclidean geometry.
25 Feb.: G. Guevara, Analogues of the cross product in dimensions other than 3.
3 Mar.: J. Selby, An example of a nonrectifiable curve.
14 Mar.: G. Singh, A nondifferentiable scalar field, all of whose directional derivatives exist.
16 Mar.: J. Cox, A function with unequal mixed partial derivatives.

7 Apr.: A. Enevoldsen, A nonzero cohomology class in H1(R2-{0}; R).
14 Apr.: G. Guevara, Sets of measure zero.
27 Apr.: J. Selby, Integrating e-u2.
5 May: G. Singh, Higher-dimensional spheres.
5 May: J. Cox, An alternate approach to line integrals in R2.