Graduate Student

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Fall 2015        Grader for Math 1551 and Math 1552

Spring 2016      Grader for Multivariable Calculus

Summer 2016    Mentored Topology Qualifier Preparation Lab

Fall 2016        Tutored for Math 1550

Spring 2017      Tutored for Math 1552

Summer 2017    Mentored Topology Qualifier Preparation Lab

Fall 2017    TA for Math 1550 and grader for Math 7510

Spring 2018    Grader for Differential Geometry and History of Math.

Summer 2018    Instructor for Math 1550.

Fall 2018     Instructor for Math 1021 College Algebra.


Topology in dimension 3.5 at Rice University in June 2016

Topology Student Workshop at Georgia Tech in June 2016

Floer Homology and Homotopy Theory at UCLA in July 2017

Symplectic Geometry Workshop at Issac Newton Institute, Cambridge (UK) in August 2017

Geometry and Topology Conference at UT Austin in November, 2017

Tech Topology Conference at Georgia Tech in Dec 2017

Low dimensional Topology Workshop in UCLA in January 2018

Perspectives of Bordered Heegaard Floer Theory at UQAM in Montreal in May 2018

Topology of Low Dimesional Manifolds at UT Austin in July 2018.