Len Richardson
Len Richardson
Herbert Huey McElveen Professor
PhD Yale University, 1970. Student of G. D. Mostow
Specialty Harmonic Analysis, Nilmanifolds, Representation Theory
Earlier Positions C.L.E. Moore Instructor, M.I.T.
Assoc. Prof., University of Connecticut
Address Dept. of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Office 386 Lockett Hall for in-person office hours. For current Zoom Room times and links see any current class listed at the bottom of this page.
Telephone (225)578-1568 (office) or - 1665 (leave message)
Email rich@math.lsu.edu
Measure and Integration: A Concise Introduction to Real Analysis,
John Wiley & Sons, June 2009. ISBN: 978-0-470-25954-2 .
Advanced Calculus: An Introduction to Linear Analysis,
John Wiley & Sons, 2008. ISBN: 978-0-470-23288-0.
Selected Publications
Decomposition of the L2 Space of a General Compact Nilmanifold, American Journal of Mathematics, XCIII, No.1, 173 - 190, 1971.
A Class of Idempotent Measures on Compact Nilmanifolds, Acta Mathematica, 135, 129 - 154, 1975.
Poisson Summation on Kirillov Orbits, Math. Annalen, 239, 229 - 240, 1979.
Global Solvability on Compact Heisenberg Manifolds, Transactions of American Mathematical Society, 273, 309 -318, 1982.
Global Solvability on Three Step Nilmanifolds (with J. Cygan) Transactions of American Mathematical Society, 301, 343 -373, 1987.
Globally Hypoelliptic Vector Fields on compact Nilmanifolds (with J. Cygan), Journal of Functional Analysis, vol. 77, No.2, 364 -371, 1988.
D-Harmonic Distributions and Global Hypoellipticity on Nilmanifolds (with Jacek Cygan), Pacific Journal of Math., vol. 147, No. 1, 1991, pp. 29 - 46.
Global Regularity on 3-Dimensional Solvmanifolds (with J. Cygan), Transactions of American Mathematical Society, vol. 329, No. 2, Feb. 1992, pp. 473-488.
Pompeiu Sets in Compact Heisenberg Manifolds (with R. Park), Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2000, pp. 43-54.
  Former PhD Students
PhD Student Dissertation Postdoctoral Jobs
David Fischer Random Walks on the Heisenberg Group Research Instructor, Univ. of Utah; Dir. of Technology, Alliant Techsystems & Pres. Alliant Kilgore
Carolyn Pfeffer-Johnston Zeros of Continuous Primary Functions on Certain Solvmanifolds Hill Asst. Prof., Rutgers University; tenured Assoc. Prof. Florida Atlantic Univ.; Vexcel Corp., Boulder, CO
J. Donald Moss A Paley-Wiener Theorem for Certain Nilpotent Lie Groups Drury College, MO
Robert R. Park A Paley-Wiener Theorem for all Two - and Three - Step Nilpotent Lie Groups Southern University; Raytheon Inc., Los Angeles
Colathur Vijayan Non-homeomorphic Isospectral Compact Nilmanifolds State Tech. Inst. Memphis; Development Manager, Oracle Inc., San Francisco.
Darwyn Cook Munz-Szaz Theorems for Certain Nilpotent Lie Groups Daniel Webster College, NH; Associate Professor at Alfred University, NY
Chin-Te Chu A Canonical Description of Plancherel Measure on General Two-Step Free Nilpotent Lie Groups Asst. Prof., Wenzao Univ., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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