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Scott Baldridge's
Professional Homepage  

Welcome! My mathematical research is in 4-dimensional gauge theory and exotic 4-manifolds, Chern-Simons theory, and symplectic Calabi-Yau 6-manifolds. In education I am known for a pair of textbooks for prospective elementary and middle school teachers.

Here is my most recent curriculum vitae.


  • Read my recent paper on embedded knotted tori in R^4 by going to my preprint link above. This paper describes a new way to embed tori into R^4 called a hypercube diagram and shows how that representation can be used to construct useful and computable invariants of the knotted tori.

    This paper is a key part of my work to understand smooth embeddings combinatorially. Earlier work with Adam Lowrance in one dimension lower lead to cube diagrams of knots in R^3, which can also be accessed at the link above.

    Here is a picture of a cube knot (thank you Justin Reusch!):

    Cube knot of a Trefoil

    For computer code to visualize and work with cube diagrams, go to


    Check back soon for code to work with hypercube diagrams.

  • Elementary Mathematics for Teachers and Geometry for Teachers, two books I co-wrote with Thomas Parker of MSU, are available at Singaporemath.com.  You can find instructor resources at:




Scott J. Baldridge
224 Lockett Hall
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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