Math 1431, Intersession 2002

Math 1431, Intersession 2002

Ambar Sengupta and Mark Davidson.

Class will meet Monday through Saturday 9:00am-12 noon in Lockett 114.

This is an introductory Calculus course. After some preparatory material we shall study differentiation and integration and look at some applications.

Book: Applied Calculus by Barnett/Ziegler/Byleen (2000). The material we will cover is contained in Chapters 1 - 7.

You should work out as many problems as you can from the list of practice problems.

Sample problems for Test 1 are posted at:

Evaluation: We plan to have several quizzes (a short quiz almost every day), two tests and a final exam. The quizzes will count for 25 % of the course grade, the tests will count for 25% each, and the final exam for 25%. Grades: A will run 90%-100%, B : 75%-89%, C : 60%-74%, D: 50-59%, F: less than 50%.