Math 3355, Section 2, Spring 2010

Place: Lockett 111
Time: Tue and Thu 1:40pm -3pm

Instructor: Dr. Ambar Sengupta
Office: Lockett 324
Telephone: 225-578-1607

Course Information

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Webwork assignments

Webwork assignments are available at Assignments


Fundamentals of Probability by Saeed Ghahramani

Course Description

Introduction to probability, emphasizing concrete problems and applications; random variables, expectation, conditional probability, law of large numbers, central limit theorem, stochastic processes.

Course Content

The course will cover topics in Chapters 1--12 of the textbook. The following is an ambitious list of chapters we hope to cover.

Chapter 1: Axioms of Probability
Chapter 2: Combinatorial Analysis
Chapter 3: Conditional Probability and Independence
Chapter 4: Random Variables, Expectation, Variance, Standardization
Chapter 5: Special Discrete Distributions
Chapter 6: Continuous Random Variables
Chapter 7: Uniform, Gaussian, Exponential distributions
Chapter 8: Joint Distributions
Chapter 9: Joint Distributions II
Chapter 10: More on Expectations
Chapter 11: Limit Theorems
Chapter 12: Stochastic Processes: a brief introduction

Webwork assignments

Webwork assignments are available at Assignments


Basic algebra, functions, trigonometry, and multivariable calculus (Math 2057).


Performance on the assignments and exams will be weighted in the final grade as follows:
Assignments: 25%
Two in-class exams: 50%
Final exam: 25%

Code of Ethical Conduct

Students must abide by the LSU Code of Student Conduct .