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Math 4031 - Section 1

Mathematics 4031-Section 1
Fall 2006, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:10am-10:30am, Lockett 135
Ambar Sengupta
Room 324 Lockett, 578-1607, sengupta at math dot lsu dot edu
Office Hours
Tuesdays 10:30am-11am, and by appointment.
Text: We will use Professor Richardson's lecture notes Math 4031/4035 Advanced Calculus: Real Analysis with Norms, Fall 2006 edition, available at Serve 'U' Center, two blocks outside the LSU South Gates, at 4410 Highland Road adjacent to CC's Coffee House. We will cover most of the first three chapters and part of the fourth.

[The course ultimately followed my notes for the most part.]

Mathematics 2057 or 2085, or equivalent.

Performance Evaluation

There will be graded homework assignments (worth 20 percent), 3 one-hour tests (each worth 20 percent), and a two-hour final examination (20 percent).

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