Math 7312, Spring 2002

Measure Theory and Integration: A very brief bibliography

Ambar Sengupta, Office: Lockett 324, Phone: 578-1607

Notes will be posted regularly, but you should consult the literature and develop a feel for the subject and its history.

Here are English translations of some classics which witness the birth and early development of measure theory and integration :

The most significant of modern standard texts was :

  1. Paul Halmos: Measure Theory. Library Call Number: QA 312 H26
A similar but more modern book is
  1. Donald Cohen: Measure Theory. Library Call Number: QA312.C56
The following text on real analysis contains many concrete examples and problems:
  1. Frank Jones: Lebesgue integration on Euclidean space. Library Call Number: QA312.J58 1993