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Math 7360, Fall 2006

TuTh 1:40pm-3pm Lockett 240

Mathematics 7360-Section 1
Fall 2006, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:40pm-3pm
Ambar Sengupta
Room 324 Lockett, 578-1607, sengupta at math dot lsu dot edu
Office Hours
Tuesdays 3pm-4:30pm, and by appointment.

The course will build the basic apparatus of probability theory. We will study the fundamental results concerning probability measures and random variables. Topics will include limit theorems and elements of stochastic processes.

Suggested text: Rick Durrett's Probability Theory and Examples (3rd Edition), Thomson Brook/Cole.
It is important that you study the material we cover on your own. Attendance and participation in class are also essential to the success of this class.

Information on tests and grading scale are as posted on Semester Book.