Amy Adair

Brief biography

My name is Amy Adair, and I am a sophomore majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education and a minor in French. I am a member of the Geaux Teach program and the Honors College at LSU.

Mathematical Activities

In the summer of 2015, I participated in the Robert Noyce Summer Research Internship, through which I worked on a research project with Dr. Frank Neubrander. My research project investigated the asymptotic properties of second-order linear difference and differential equations. While my summer project focused on solving the equations using transform methods and creating a graphical representation of the asymptotic properties, I plan on continuing to work with Dr. Neubrander in pursuing other aspects of the topic, including the inversion of the Laplace transform and the existence of almost periodic functions. I look forward to exploring deeper into these topics in mathematics and presenting my research again at conferences in the future.

Educational Activities

During the summer, I also helped out with the Math Circle, a summer enrichment program for high school students interested in math. Since then, I began tutoring math and assisting the Mu Alpha Theta team at McKinley High School here in Baton Rouge. The club meets once a week and consists of a number of incredibly bright and enthusiastic students who share an infectious sense of excitement for learning math. I plan on continuing working with both the tutoring lab and the Mu Alpha Theta team during the spring semester.